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  1. that was worth a shot, but it doesn't work. As far as I can tell HUD doesn't see the difference between Left Shift and Shift, so DCS doesn't recognize the command. Also, that means that the slider now types capital B constantly in one position or switches to bold in the other. I might try it with other key combos, but for now I guess I'm stuck with the mod.
  2. 9thHunt

    RGB lighting

    Has anyone else noticed that the LED settings on the X56 will only persist if you pick 100% red, green or blue lights? When I try to program them to any other color they change back to the defaults the next time I restart my PC. Also, if I don't use pure R/G/B they won't even set to the colors I want, they always seem to take on a tint of the default colors.
  3. my ministicks work fine. You just have to use the view axis instead of the view button commands. I did notice that when I try to set that to view, it will spring back to center, you have to hold the ministick in position to keep looking. I typically will just use the POV hat for looking around when I'm not using TrackIR.
  4. I love this mod. It makes it so much easier to control the speed brakes. It is kinda a pain to reinstall it every time ED releases an update though. Does anyone know if there's a way to change the slider control in the HUD programming software so it works as a two position switch? If we can do that, then you would be able to get the speedbrakes to work properly without adding a keybind.
  5. All of those planes are either fly-by-wire or low-fidelity (which AFAIK is modeled like FBW), the Tomcat is not. A plane with FBW will essentially fly itself, so it's capable of maintaining stability in more extreme flight-regimes then a non-FBW plane like the Tomcat. That's not to say an F-14 is inferior to an FBW plane, but you do have to be far more careful with it in the Danger Zone, because it's not helping you stay out of trouble like the FCS in the Hornet or the Viper will.
  6. it looks to me like the lighting is just very bright in the sim. Can you post a photo of the real livery for comparison?
  7. the problem is those liveries DO NOT belong to [The People's Republic of] China (People's Liberation Army Air Force). Those are Taiwanese (Republic of China Air Force) liveries. Granted, it would be cool to see Taiwan added to the country list (and hopefully we may get them when the Marianas map is added) but I think they're fine as USAF for now
  8. Is the OP referring to the missiles rolling level after launch? (At least that's when his mouse movements are the most spastic) My understanding is that is the cruciform fins correcting for the extreme bank angle on launch, there's nothing wrong with that. And does he mean "Fluid?" I don't see how the missiles ability to speak clearly factors into this. Also, these are missiles designed to pull extreme g-forces in order to catch targets, if anything, the movements in these videos look too fluid.
  9. If you look through the SP missions for the Hornet, towards the bottom of the list will be a bunch labeled "Supercarrier" such and such, these are essentially copies of the normal Carrier missions with the Stennis swapped for one of the Supercarrier ships.
  10. What does it mean by single- or duel engine AB? Doesn't the tomcat have an asymmetric thrust limiter that prevents the pilot from putting only one engine in afterburner?
  11. Not an SME, but I've found that the Tomcat actually handles a little better with no curves at all.
  12. Thanks. I switched from using a HOTAS button for binary flaps to using a lever axis (I have a bunch of Saitek pro throttle quads for multi-engine in MSFS), having a physical lever that shows the flap position helps a bit, now I just need to train out the leisurely cleanup I'm used to doing on climb out and my timing of bringing them out in the break.
  13. I'm sure someone will put that on a hellfire when we get something to use them with.
  14. The Tomcat has a separate catapult launch command, it doesn't go on "Salute." IIRC, you can find it in the same controls category as the catapult hook up command. I'm not sure why Heatblur went this route instead of using ED's command.
  15. Jester automatically puts the radar in TWS-Auto when you select Phoenix if you don't already have something STT locked
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