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  1. I also found this mission especially challenging. I had a tough time following all of the walk-on directions, especially finding the first APC. Venom gave me "grid" GPS coordinates which I assume was just a general area, but it wasn't clear where to search within that area for the APC. And then hitting the sniper was just impossible. I used "hi" fire rate and took 5 passes, never could get him. I wish there was an F10 option to hand it off to Dutch if you run out of time/fuel/ammo/willpower :)
  2. I think I've experienced the same issue twice in single player (Raven One campaign). HUD frozen and not updating, some DDI/MFD buttons not working, and could not access menu (change function) for any DDI/MFD. Tried cycling nav and gear as suggested but nothing helped. It was really weird and inconsistent between displays: for instance I could select a different store or FLIR mode, but couldn't change the HSI waypoint.
  3. Returning from mission 3 (having restarted from "save" 3A in the mission editor), I was waved off on final because of a foul deck. And indeed, it looked like there was a Hornet with it's butt hanging way over the foul line. It might have been Smoke, I told him to kiss off a few minutes prior, but I didn't get the tail number so I'm not sure. Anyway, I circled and tried 5 more approaches and that guy never moved, the deck stayed foul... so I ended up landing anyway and just narrowly avoiding him. And then I don't think the mission ever registered as complete. :( What should I do if this h
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