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  1. Got my pre-order. Someone posted on FB that Mi-24 is available on Steam. Went, found, bought. Not much thinking was involved
  2. Waiting for Steam. Hopefully ED will solve current problem with Steam very soon so I can made my pre-order.
  3. I count on you, you are my favorite rotary Youtuber. Hip tutorials got me interested in rotary modules.
  4. This one features Hind, the scenes are I believe from Afghanistan/Syria but I may be wrong Hopefully you guys will like the song, I like it. For those interested in lyrics, there are English lyrics in video description.
  5. Brother... Steam should put some "Note" on which version is available... :joystick:
  6. @AstonMartinDBS I don't know, Steam said it's installed and enabled. I'm not on OB version. I tried to create mission on Syria map to explore scenery but map is not available in the editor.
  7. Is Syria content activated for Steam users? I have purchased this DLC on August 21st but can't find map content in the game.
  8. Hopefully the upgrade cost will be around 10-15 euros...
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