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  1. Something I've noticed too: It takes the game MUCH longer to exit now. VR or 2D mode. Used to take a few seconds after clicking exit or quit to desktop. Now it can take 20 seconds or longer.
  2. I've opted out of both for now, considering the additions to SteamVR require also running the WMR beta.
  3. I think he means opting out of the beta.
  4. Nice. My system (and perception) prefer the SMAA. And unless fpsVR is lying to me, I'm seeing between 1-1.2 GPU frametime improvement with it enable. FXAA seems darken more to "hide" the aliasing.
  5. This list? 01 FZG_Immel 02 Oesau 03 BlacleyCole 04 redtail 05 Los 06 Ratcatcher 07 ram0506 08 cordite 09 farmertom 10 Icebeat 11 hakjar 12 huzar 13 Jabbers 14 joca133 15 Snacko 16 DayGlow 17 Thick8 18 FoxDelta 19 EntropySG 20 tibidisdik44 21 AKA_Clutter 22 rrohde 23 hansangb 24 skunk160 25 Iku64 26 streakeagle 27 sparkchaser2010 28 =Panther= 29 jnr4817 30 OzWookiee 31 Phoenix FR 32 schurem 33 lolof1 34 lucky-hendrix 35 Snapps 36 Snow51th 37 Fusedspine33 38 Pac-Man 39 GVO 40 aaron886 41 Chic 42 Adria
  6. Wow. Definitely see a reduction in jaggies, especially on the horizontal edge of the A-10 HUD. And certainly reduces the slight flickering of the sharpen mod. Nice find brother.
  7. I've never been made aware of where I am on the wait list...
  8. I mean, I'm exiting changing missions and switching back a fourth from multiplayer to single. Things that were causing crashes.
  9. Which driver? I'm literally trying to make it crash now I'm on 21.5.1
  10. I will say, since switching to my current AMD 6900XT(from 1080ti) week or so ago, I no longer have the crashes switching between missions.
  11. It works best for mid-far distances
  12. After further review, I think it's the cloud preset in the A-10CII take off map. I added an A-10CII to the Hornet free flight map and get almost identical performance, swapping from one to the other.
  13. Is it just me or is performance lower flying the A-10CII, same map than the FA-18? I can fly around Caucuses, through hills, over towns banking and looking hard left/right and maintain 45fps, GPU frametimes from 10-16 with little to NO jitter. Hop in the A-10CII free flight Caucuses and drop to 32-38 fps and GPU frametimes 17-20 with lots of jitter banking and looking around.
  14. I've since turned it off. Wasn't seeing that it was doing much, if anything.
  15. Not sure. I didn't think it was something I cared for. I had the forest detail set too high for a bit and it just seemed weird looking to me.
  16. Ok, after a couple days worth of setting this, checking that, restarting ad nauseum, I have arrived at what I think is the sweet spot. I have SteamVR set to 100% global and 100% per game with motion smoothing set to forced (sooooo smooth). On Caucuses, I'm seeing stable/smooth 45 fps side, very little reprojection. GPU and CPU frame times are better than I thought I could get. GPU frametime stays 14-17. Even very pleased with the Syria map. In game settings.
  17. Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042 here
  18. So far I can launch every other VR title (2 of them flight sims) with the beta WMR/SVR, just not DCS. DCS still launches in VR mode, but Steam VR crashes. Even after the SteamVR update this evening.
  19. You running the beta WMR for SteamVR?
  20. Thanks, I'll give these a try run. Do you set anything in particular for DCS under the SVR "per Application Video Settings?" MacGyver fan club
  21. Not sure about OCulus, but there was a WMR/steamVR update earlier that has broken SteamVR
  22. Another WMR/SteamVR just released. It kinda broke DCS. I start everything as usual, DCS last. DCS takes much longer to load, then right as it loads SteamVR pops up that it has encountered an error. DCS still running in VR mirror but can't be seen in HMD. I got it to launch finally, by starting WMR (which used to launch SVR), then launched DCS which then launched SVR. Seems to be ok, but now I can't launch fpsVR. There are 2 new on/off buttons under the WMR/Graphics settings... not entirely sure what they do or if they even apply to DCS. I have set them to of
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