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  1. Depending on version, I don't think that's an option now. OP If it's available, try enabling motion smoothing. I know most HATE (and I did at first) but now I hardly notice any artifacts. And the smoothness is well worth the trade off IMHO. I'm getting 30-45 with HIGH/HIGH, low shadows, flat terrain shadows, trees about 75% and 1.2 PD Using most of the available shader mods. I have also uninstalled the GeForce experience app and rolled my drivers way back. (1080ti FE)
  2. 2560x2560 The future of VR is gonna rock!
  3. I use that particular hat as TMS, the lower for DMS and the upper right hat as trim with the A-10CII Haven't found a use for the rotaries, but I use the 2 of the 3 buttons for VR headset recenter & F10 Map
  4. Sr.

    Co-Op mode?

    I was just reading an announcement from ED. The announcement was in regard to the Channel Map. I've wondered if actual co-op mode was a thing in DCS? By co-op mode, it would be fun to fly the Fast Action and other training type mini campaigns/missions with a friend as opposed to going full on multiplayer on public servers. To be more specific, I am referring to these type "missions". They would be much more fun to fly with a friend than "2."(AI)
  5. Aside from using the after burner detent method, is there a way to limit where in the throttle "arc" afterburner is allowed to fire? I am using an X-56 throttle for example... I'm not sure at the moment what the actual range of motion is in inches but, whenever I fly the Hornet or Viper, I only have to move the throttle from the zero mark to about 3-4" or travel before the burners light. Leaving me at least 3/4 of the full range.
  6. I have it mapped on throttle, along with F1
  7. Mute using Chrome. Right Click the tab, select "Mute Site."
  8. I don't seethe glowing in you screen shot, but my mirrors are white like that.
  9. In the A-10c II at least, simply pressing F4 gives me a perfect "Look Back" view, though it is not head level. However, doing the same (F4) in either the Hornet or Viper, the view snaps to forward, but attached to the right side elevator area.
  10. Strangely, while I cannot use the swap MFD function in that training mission, I can use it in a campaign map I downloaded.
  11. Just got my VKB Gladiator set up, no going back now. About 8 months old(newer grey version) Stick is in perfect working order, great shape. I drilled some tiny holes in the spring retainer under the stick for the "4 spring mod" I'd seen on here. Big plus for accurate centering. (will include the springs) Also have all for stock center springs. Again, this sale is for the joystick only. Prefer CONUS $100 you pay shipping. (hope this is fair, not looking to price gouge) msg for pics if interested
  12. just an FYI the link to the rules is broken
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