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  1. The flashing comes and goes for me. Have seen it a couple times lately after tweaking sharpness. Usually resolves by defaulting the install... now, I'll leave well enough alone
  2. I have the fholger version linked on my first post on the topic. So far it's the only one I've had time to mess with. https://github.com/fholger/reshade/releases/tag/openvr_alpha2 He responded back to me on Reddit with another version, but I have yet to try it. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46999
  3. Assuming the weapon's DEFAULT profile is CCRP I can't imagine why. If the weapon originates in DSMS as CCIP, and you change it's profile to CCRP but then select it from the DSMS screen using the adjacent OSB it will remain CCIP and likely error invalid fusing. If this is the case, then SOI the HUD and cycle to the weapon using DMS left/right instead.
  4. Hmmm Maybe because I never turn my G2 off. I just leave it hanging off the side of my chair. It will launch WMR and start in the pavilion if I lift the headset and put it against my face, otherwise it sits there idle and dark. When I'm finished with a gaming session, I close WMR & SteamVR closes with it. I usually leave Steam itself running as I also play Rocket League via Steam. Though my DCS is stand alone install.
  5. Follow up: I noticed this happens with the A-10C also, though it is not nearly as high a spike in frametime, hence I never really noticed before. Seems pretty severe in the F-16 with much lower resolution displays.
  6. My setup will do this at random times if I launch the needed apps in the "incorrect" order. To avoid this I first launch WMR for steamVR (which then should launch SteamVR), then DCS. I have frequent issues with SteamVR crashing, or thinking it crashed as I will be flying along then hear that tone from Steam only to see an on screen message "Steam VR crashed the last time is was launched. Would you like to try it again?" (or something to that effect.)
  7. Is it normal or expected to see a jump in frametime from 14/15 to 23/25 in the F-16 with the TGP on on MFD and Maverick on the other?
  8. I have had this happen a few times on my G2, but only if/when I start the necessary apps out of "order". Correct way: Start WMR for Steam VR (which then launches SteamVR) then start DCS. If I simply launch DCS first, the WMR and SteamVr apps will launch, but one or the other will crash me back to the WMR portal with DCS Still running on desktop and no way to get back in to it short of end tasking DCS and relaunching DCS.
  9. I noticed a strange darkening to the exterior of the aircraft while I was tweaking settings. I couldn't seem to get it to go away or switch presets unless I restarted DCS. For now, I'm sticking with the defaults. Just based off my tendency to make matters worse.
  10. What is your ping to that particular server?
  11. Just for fun, last night I switched my Reverb G2 to 60Hz under WMR settings and DCS MSAA to 4x. Yeah it was a bit laggy, but man it sure gives glance at how awesome this came could look with proper anti aliasing.
  12. These are 2 I'm currently using: I tend to like #1 best PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=VRSharpenColor@VR_CAS_Color.fx TechniqueSorting=VRSharpenColor@VR_CAS_Color.fx [VR_CAS_Color.fx] Brightness=0.985000 CASContrast=0.600000 Contrast=1.001000 MaxDelta=0.100000 Saturation=1.100000 Sharpening=1.700000 ====================== PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=VRSharpenColor@VR_CAS_Color.fx TechniqueSorting=VRSharpenColor@VR_CAS_Color.fx [VR_CAS_Color.fx] Brightness=1.000000 CASContrast=0.500000 Contrast=1.000000 MaxDelt
  13. Is your DCS folder (bin in particular) excluded from Microsoft Defender AV scan? just a shot
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