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  1. ... perhaps because it should be off when you want to run multiple screens.
  2. If real pilots have hard numbers I would believe it. If it's a feeling I would disregard. Not because they wouldn't know, but because their experience is in a completely different environment. One in which an acceleration or deceleration is actually felt in the pants. Something that is missing in our fixed-base sims.
  3. I guess your expectations are to high. It's not supposed to lock (IRL). It's not supposed to (exactly) follow the beam. You kinda 'steer' it a certain direction. Point the pipper to the right and it will pursue a slightly right course, point it to the left and the GROM will sorta go left ways. The further it moves, the weaker the radar signal and GROM's response to that. There's a reason it wasn't so successful I guess. Works on latest Beta but I have similar experiences on Stable. (Working does not mean I hit targets...)
  4. For a moment there I thought you had an argument along the lines of 'DCS has merchant ships equipped with laser guided rockets, so why should we not allow autopilots on WWII aircraft that never had one'. Anyway, I think that pointing out these flaws in the modelling have a much, much bigger chance of being implemented than fantasy devices on an aircraft, and so it should.
  5. Strings, elastic bands, knees... you name it. You can still use 'm today, no need to develop codes for.
  6. Ah, now I get it! For the 'right' combination of settings the clicks will be accepted. Just for 'wrong' settings, causing damage IRL, clicks are simply ignored. TY for clarifying. I'm all for the damaging functionality with working clicks, though it'll probably generate more posts...
  7. Not sure what is not working or bugged. I had no problems using the clickable ARK-5 functions for the Mig-19 in the training sessions (and elaborated upon in the training videos (mission 5) You also need to be aware that the assigned freq. scale is dependent on NEAR/FAR mode. For NEAR you'd have to set the freq. scale on you left side (instead of the one on the right). Might that be the issue? Mig-15 was to long ago for me for comparison.
  8. The free2play period indeed is to short for in-depth knowledge of an aircraft. You'd have to read the manual or do all training missions to fully understand the ins and outs... To adjust the frequencies set the mode switch to ANT. To actually use the ADF, switch to COMP. You also have to be aware of NEAR and FAR modes. BTW changing frequencies is still very annoying with the mouse and hard to do during the flight. In the training missions for the weapons I would set the frequency on the ground but then you have no aural feedback to tune the signal (yet).
  9. This I would recommend too. If I remember correctly it was refueling over the sea. I missed the ground in my peripheral view. I think refueling at low altitude above solid ground would help in the spatial awareness and would also be beneficial when the tanker is in a bank.
  10. Best way of teaching is formation flying and tuning your controls until you feel confident on controlling your position w.r.t. other aircraft. Only then you are ready for the next step, not earlier. This does not need additional coding effort and this method is already available under the best teaching conditions you can think of. It has been mentioned several times in similar threads...
  11. I guess I was blessed with the Harrier when I first tried AAR. Watched some YT's and started. After two weeks I had my first transfer complete. It does not mean that it has become easy over time. Every AAR is exciting and stressful, still, requiring a mindset and concentration. That's why I'm skeptical for any distracting 'helper' functions that will somehow aid in doing the task, let alone for beginners. Gates have been proposed earlier and now 3d boxes (still 2d in their projection). 2d gates/boxes bear no relation with length, distance and scales, which are so badly needed. Once
  12. Maybe following is workable for you; once you have the frequencies via F10 as described by Wolf359, you can then link these with your channels in the Mission Editor. The Mission Editor has radio presets for the R-832 that links custom frequencies to your channel numbers. Haven't had time to check though. Disadvantage is that you have to do this manually for every mission. I hope there's a better solution through scripting, anyone?
  13. Server may have checked 'Realistic ASP'?
  14. Easiest: Harrier, just line up the basket/hose with the top of the hud and refuel box. Most difficult: Mirage, due to the fact that developers decided to hardcode a deadzone, which makes it impossible to tweak controls to your liking
  15. @59th_Reaper; Care to share your loadout when you have a tire burst on taxiing? I tried to provoke it using your apparent loadout (32 Rocket Launcher + SAB/RBK type bombs) and added the external fuel tank. All added up to 22073 lbs (max 22928 ). During rearming the left gear sinks in the tarmac but resurfaces upon moving. I taxied at 100 kph and did a full front-wheel break. You can hear the gear touching some mechanical stop. but the tire stays intact. Same with a 100 kph differential break; first right, then left to keep it on the runway. Here again you hear that a gear limit is reached, b
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