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  1. Ok, thanks. Do you get a message in the top right corner about the incoming planes or how do you know that you need to intercept? UPDATE: my bad, just read PB0_CEFs answer above. You need to take off as soon as possible.
  2. We are in the same boat. I found two Viggen DCE campaigns: "Viggen over PG" and "Nordic Battle". I don't like the first one so much as it feels like it is the same as the "Hornet over PG" just with a different plane but the "Nordic Battle" seems to be pretty good, with Viggen-style targets (railway stations and such). But it is far from being up-to-date... But I hope you get some additional tips as I will try out those too :)
  3. Hi guys, How do the "interception" missions work? You start with a hot plane and have to wait until something happens? How long does that take, usually? Thanks!
  4. This is an excellent campaign, kudos Khopa for the huge effort you (also shdwp and Wrycu of course) are putting into it. I am playing your version (RC9) and so far it works great but last night I played a mission as a multiplayer hosted mission and when I finished and exited, the Liberation app still said it is ongoing, it didn't notice that I quit the mission (I used "Leave server", not "Quit to desktop"). What can I do in such a case? How can I "force" the app to realize that the mission is over? What might I have done wrong? I was playing alone in this MP mission, I want to start the
  5. I think I figured it out. It took some debugging but now I understand better what is happening: If you select an "intercept" mission in MP, the list of waypoints will only contain a single item. In line 380 in the Briefing.lua you try to do this: local time_target = FormatTime(camp.time + Tplayer.waypoints[Tplayer.tgt_wp].ETA, "hh:mm") --player time on target The problematic part is this: Tplayer.waypoints[Tplayer.tgt_wp] Tplayer.tgt_wp is 6 (in this case) so we are trying to get the sixth item of the waypoints collection. The problem is, that for interceptions that collection has
  6. I just tried it with the TF-71 SC Hornet campaign I installed about two weeks ago, same result. If I generate a single player mission all is fine, generating a MP mission results the exact same error. I didn't make any changes in the config files for that campaign. Even generating the first mission resulted the error (for the Falcon over PG campaign the first mission was fine but the subsequent ones failed). Where are you writing the data actually, where should I check the permissions? And shouldn't the SP part broke too if that would be the problem?
  7. Hi guys, Me and my mates just played the first mission from the Falcon over PG and it was awesome! Such a great work that you guys are doing! But I would need some help as I was running into an error when the script tried to generate the next mission after the debriefing: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\luae.exe: ../../../ScriptsMod.20.38.00/DC_Briefing.lua:380: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) stack traceback: ../../../ScriptsMod.20.38.00/DC_Briefing.lua:380: in main chunk [C]: in function 'dofile' ../../../ScriptsMod.20.38.0
  8. Hi rmk80, This is a wonderful dynamic mission, thank you. I was playing it for like 3 hours yesterday and had a great time. I have one question though: maybe I am blind but I didn't see a viper slot available. Is that on purpose?
  9. I think I found an even easier way. Instead of deleting those flights (which as you said corrupts both the numbering and also the triggers), I just set them to inactive (the reserve flights are already inactive, now I set their "main" flights inactive too). This way the numbering is still fine and the triggers are also ok I think. Correct me if I am wrong or if this will have negative effects. I only played one mission so far but the performance is a lot better. Maybe this trick helps others too.
  10. Thanks. Which one is the trigger file? I will give this a shot as I really would like to use this campaign.
  11. Hi Miguel, Sorry to bother you again. I tried to set the mission_duration first to 3600s and then to 600s (the minimum setting I think), I didn't notice any changes in-game. I still had 170 planes flying on the map (static planes are already removed by the prune script). Of course after saving I generated a new mission with the FirstMission.bat. Am I doing something wrong? I feel the solution will be really to limit the 170 planes to something what my PC can actually handle, just trying to figure out why is that number not going lower with the changed mission duration... Thanks in adv
  12. Yes, I wanted to but it was already activated when I installed the campaign. I will give it a try tonight and see whether it is better with the limited mission time. What kind of effect does the mission duration setting have? How much time the AI has to do their sorties? Will this impact the flights who are escorting me for example?
  13. Will I see the effect when I am using FirstMission.bat? Originally it was set to 7200s which generated 133 planes, I switched it to 3600s first (120 planes) then to 1800s (again 133 planes). Is this something that will only have it's effect in-game? And thanks again for this campaign. It really looks awesome.
  14. Thanks for the tip. If I recall correctly, there were about 100 planes so I will definitely give this a try.
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