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  1. Ah, didn't think about the forward speed component and never tried using -only-rudder. Makes sense, gonna hop in the seat tonight!
  2. I think there is also some personal preference involved? I followed this a while ago and it worked out pretty nice for me. Not as stable as the video, but definitely very controllable: Still can't do the sideways landing on the tarawa btw
  3. You are probably forgetting to turn on power to the flaps. Select the ON position for the switch right below the flaps position switch.
  4. (not only with keyboard, but also hotas buttons (non-axis))
  5. Since the last update, the sound for releasing weapons has changed. For the Mavericks, they seem to be panned to the wrong speaker. I always use headphones, and releasing a Maverick from the left wing is played in the right ear. Seems the most noticable with the left most maverick launching. Others are a little sketchy also, but most of the time not as extreme, as per my quick test. Goes for F and E model. Reproduce: Load built-in mission for the AV-8B "AGM-65 Practice Range" Turn on auto pilot to fly straight and with wings levelled towards the targets, so the missil
  6. I'm quite sure that I didn't tell my wingman to land and the mission registered as a success I guess - because I got to fly the next one.
  7. If you point at a target with the tgp (just slew to it, no need to press anything) , you can press the mk0 button (bottom row) on the ehsd. It creates a mark point in the list with waypoints. You can later cycle back to those markpoints (using the ehsd), and as long as DESG is boxed on the ehsd and the tgp is in slave mode, it should point right back at the spots the marks where created. Edit: didn't read your op well... And Recluse said the same thing already Seems you got most of it. Just use the waypoint up/down arrows on the ehsd to get to the saved mark points
  8. Haven't tried it myself yet, but came across this a while ago: https://youtu.be/4espb9cu2Aw Seems like a nice way to do it :-)
  9. I noticed Liberation loaded some up for me for a DEAD mission: edit: The custom loadout option of Liberation won't let me select them manually though.
  10. You can also set a negative curve, that will make it feel more responsive (but less precise)
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