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  1. The French community has her new online bank of missions, usefull for storing and sorting by criteria. If interested, you can visit us on banque.lock-on.net It is French speaking only.
  2. I won't spend time to explain you how it works now since all the operative modes will be modified and implemented with high fidelity modeling. The whole COM module was designed to be used with whatever soft you want (TS, RW...) ; the knobs pressure will just simulate a keyboard pressure, with settings allowing users to map the functionnalities as they want. Coupled with a nice keysbinding conf. on TS, you will have all the possibilities you need. (a default conf. will be provided with the soft)
  3. Don't go so fast about the forum, GGTharos, we don't know how we will organise us today, but a web site will born in a couple of months, with advanced dynamics features to manage the code and the different packages of libraries. Concerning a forum, I think the best place to speak about is here for several reasons like the possible communication with LO developers (To admin> let's me know if it is wrong). We will develop this site not only for LoControl, but also for all the projects we are going to do. (we have several points we want to develop, and we will operate step by step, the fi
  4. :rock: Back in business ! :rock: I was out of business for a long period, due to a prof. moving, but I am back and work will continue faster. We have all we need to reach a good result, and we will do our best to release it. More information will come soon. Gal'
  5. Just to say I am out of business for a moment due to personnal moving, but it will goes on asap. :wink:
  6. Okay, so just a few answers today.... Of course it will. Just look at the empty panel.... many tools will appear to get BRAA informations, depending on mode etc... We have thought about modeled mountains, with basic shapes : triangles.... if you project it on the ground, you have segments that represents the mountains.... you also know the vector from AWACS to each plane, so you can check if this vector goes across a mountain or not. If yes, we will determine if the vector is above the triangle line or not. How can I say that............ ME TOO ;) And I agree
  7. Yeah, sorry boy :oops: , but I will take my time to write it seriously later....... but now just a short comment: What for ? We plan this AWACS for advanced game, namely a well-organized multiplayer game. I really want to play LO as the most powerfull simulator we never flew ! The only one purpose I have is creating a squad (I am doing this) to fight against other ones. I have a dream today, I want to see a large community of gamers divided in squads, and all these squads playing dynamic campaigns. Okay guys, calm down, I know there is no dynamic campaign in LO. But I say yes th
  8. Nice job, and I have a lot of comments to do..... Well, I must leave you now ..... and be back tomorrow. I am sure you will provide a new dimension in online game with this powerfull AWACS software. :D
  9. Chizh=> no problem. I will list all the functionalities we are trying to implement, and the matching data we request. This list will be ready in a few time. :D
  10. Ground radars can be used for that console too. We will just consider the coords of the station instead of AWACS. But I need more information on the difference between the two, prior to coding it.
  11. I agree with you on the russian data link that doesn't operate in that way. For AB, I can model them like the mountains, you know, there not mobile, so I can draw a rectangle with fixed coords in a file. No pb with all fixed objects. Concerning the blind zone, someone said to me that an AWACS is blind when looking behind itself. But I don't know all the data exactly. That is the reason why I am looking for someone who knows. Concerning the vector, we can compute all the data we need with that: local o = LoGetWorldObjects() for k,v in pairs(o) do io.write(string.format("t = %.2f,
  12. In fact, the IA AWACS in game will send us its coords too. So, I just have to consider the position of all the aircrafts from that origin point. Then, the range between AWACS and aircraft is compared to max. range, depending on the current active mode. We also check if the aircraft is not behind AWACS, in the "blind zone". afterwards, we know if the aircraft must be plotted or not in the screen. Thks for the link, it is helpful indeed.
  13. If someone have good knowledge on AWACS abilities, please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me and do your best for a high-quality AWACS apllication, coupled with LO. We must model AWACS with as much quality as we can, concerning data (e.g. : ranges...) and all the different scanning modes (we will not take care of passive mode, since AWACS, in the game, make all the ennemies RWR ringing.
  14. Skywall> thks, ;) , I hadn't seen the banner restriction.
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