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  1. Hello I've experienced some "issue" when using the GBU-54 as a JDAM (i.e. without laser designation), especially from high altitudes. As far as I have tested, the default impact angle (0, degree I guess) seems to ask the bomb to hit the target from above (= vertically). Because of the odd trajectory, it can make the bomb to go backward, and sometimes it even makes it to miss the target, Althought the "impact angle" weapon profile button tooltip says it has "no function", as for the GBU-38, it seems to work for the GBU-38, but not for the GBU-54. Attached
  2. Maybe with the new WW2 propellers technology used in 2.7, we may have a chance to get this. The flickering is very ... annoying.
  3. Agreed. So what is this BS3 nonsense ?
  4. What is that ? A Ka-50 with Ka-52 wings/pylons ? Never heard of that. Edit: erf, already a thread on that here : But again, I never saw a single-seat Ka-50 with 3 pylons on each wing. All were dual-seat Ka-52.
  5. Hello Looks like AGM-154, when launched in PP mode with certain parameters (as far as I have tested : above 15000ft and 400mph), will "bounce" when it goes bellow a given altitude, and then will wander almost indefinitely. Bellow is a track illustrating that issue (I used "active pause" to speed up some parts). AGM-154 inf.trk
  6. You seriously are working Sunday evening 9PM+ ? That is true dedication I guess. Good luck with the work then.
  7. Hi I tried to record a track, I don't know why but the mouse cursor on the track does not show at the same position as in-game, so I guess a track is helpless. Luckyly, the issue is quite easy to repeat : make the TGP SOI in A/G mode, boat-switch aft to swicth to White-Hot display, put the mouse cursor over OSB-19 or OSB-20 to make the tooltip appear. Game is in English, Avionics language is English, OS is Win10 in English too. I have both A-10C and A-10C II modules installed (and some others too), the issue is the same with both. Regards
  8. Found some "exotic" symbols in the TGP tooltips
  9. Han... to me, it was more like a bottom heavy ball into a liquid filled sphere. So I expected it to don't drift at all. But as it actually requires electrical power to work, it must use some kind of gyroscopic effect. So it may drift over time. Note : I was talking about the SAI, not the ADI. (I guess I flew the A-10C too much these days)
  10. After a quite long ferry flight (1+ hour), I just noticed that the ADI was slowly drifting, so that at one point it was completely upside down. Edit : oups, should have posted that under "bugs and problems". Don't know how to move it...
  11. Just a visual issue : TPOD is too high, and thus is embedded in pylons 3-5
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