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  1. I have the problem that my spit always pulls up. did the first flights today and not be able to trim ist that it takes level flight. also pulls up. 2000 rpm....4 boost....pulls up. and rolls to the left. on top with rudder trim fully right...hm, did i miss something?
  2. I finished the campaign today. Nice job guys. Was much fun. But 1 word to the "german speakers". Its cool, defenetly. I mean in WWII germans didnt talk english over the radio. But it sounds a bit weird sometimes. I dont think they used words like "... wurden Feindbomber _reported_". Hard to tell in english for me what i mean, but the military language from 1944 was not hit by the speaking actors. Sounds a bit mixed with actual "mp online slang". This could be done better, but anyway: well done...i had much fun.
  3. OK, thank for clarification. But anyway.-..lol i played M6 Horrido right now with 9 fps....wow...very demanding. And i will say my system is not as bad... 2080, i7 8700 3.7 and 48 GB ram
  4. Hm, i see nothing in VR. Maybe i set something "to" low. Which graphic setting is responsible for this? I was a bit disappointed not to see this huge snoke when i start the engine (sure, this is the only complaign about it, the rest - and more important - is phantastic)
  5. Hi there. Like in ILS Sturmovik i see no exhaust fire neither on the FW nor on the Spit. Now i see in the latest news a pic from the spit with exhaust fire. Did i made some settings wrong?
  6. Here you see it in the video. It jumps on the beginning ant after it stays fix... i am really confused.
  7. Hi! I did not find anything about this in the screenshot market "sign" "needle" or how ever you may call it. Its allways the same. If i turn or not...look at the pictures. Can someone please explain to me what this means/shows? Thanks in advance
  8. OK, got everything an completet the mission today. Was a bit confusing with the radio in the beginning. And i thought it is the first (easyiest campaign). BTW Best immersion ever. Chapeau
  9. And a quick question from me: I was surprised, firing up my Track IR that the viewport is going with your head movement. Normally i play with Oculus Rift S and there it is fixed on the uper right corner of the airplane (in Track IR fixed on the upper right corner of your view). Is this normal? Would be cool if it moves with your head in VR as well..i think this is how it should be?!?
  10. And here i really need you help as well, guys. I am totally confused. What means: Throughout the mission, do NOT use the built - in ATC. Use F10 menu to communicate with a custom one. It is advised to go through normal alignment and wait for wingman to complete his (he will call he is ready). Then contact Ground, Tower etc. from the Briefing? There is written: Al Dhafra AB ATC: 251.1 GRD: 240.9 DEP: 269.7 APP: 270.0 NAV: VORTAC MA 96X (114.9) But if i click on the F10 Map Al Dafra, Frequency is shown with 126.50 and ILS with 111.10 WTF? And is there
  11. Sorry for the dump question. How do i report the location/making a markpoint? I reporr tracers,the crash site and the truck which stops on the houses nearby, and then nothing. Btw i am completely new to the sim...sorry Is there maybe a walk through on yt?
  12. Yeah sure. But at first i have to check all the view settings. still struggling to find the target i attack (F2 for my plane - FX? for Target?)
  13. OK, thanks for the sad answers. Yeah i started replay again and then switched camera. Hm, not so comfortable to go through the whole mission 2 or 3 times again.
  14. Sorry didnt saw your post. I threw my bombs on WP 3 after reading here, it worked and i finished the campaign already. But defenetly with unsuccess in this mission i was thrown back to mission 1.
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