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  1. Hi, I guess this is probably unusual in here but I'd have a favor to ask. I made a few videos myself when LOMAC came out and there's one in particular that I always wanted to create but never could. I just don't have the time, talent and tools to do accurately what I have in mind. So I'm turning to all of you pro and amateur vidmakers in here to see if one of you could pull it off. What I always wanted to do was some kind of a lyric video of Iron Maiden's "Aces high" song. The song is about WW2 planes but I would like it adapted to the modern DCS and Flaming Cliffs era. I'd like
  2. Haha yes Peter I'm indeed a satisfied customer! I'll enjoy the Su-25T for a little while and then I'll try the Black Shark. I think it will be a good challenge. And thanks for the clarification about trim!
  3. Thanks BIGNEWY and Peter, you gave me great tips. Though nothing worked until I was about to try PPJOY, I had a flash. The video and axis names gave me an idea. I found a solution but it's quite weird. I went back to the game's options and tried to affect my throttle axis to any other command. When I did, the name that appeared was JOY_SLIDER1. :noexpression: When I try my first rotary, it gives me JOY_SLIDER2 and my second rotary gives me JOY_RX. (But my rudder works fine in both directions) So I re-affected the thrust axis and it got JOY_SLIDER1 and it works :huh: It seems like
  4. After several reboots, unplugs and replugs, game uninstalls and re-installs, I still have no luck with my throttle. Obviously, this makes the game unplayable to me. I don't have the money to buy a new HOTAS and I don't want to change it since it still works well in other games. Since this issue is related to the game, I hope some patch will fix this in the near future. If the dev team need some more details, I'd be glad to help. I was interested in getting Black Shark 2 and A-10C but I won't spend my money there if the same issue appears.
  5. Hi, I just installed DCS World yesterday and I'm playing with the Su-25T. I have a Saitek X45 and the throttle doesn't work in the game. It doesn't move at all. In the controls options, it is well assigned to the JOY_Z axis. The other buttons and switches on the throttle and joystick work fine but the throttle itself doesn't do anything. It works well in the Windows 7 (64 bits Home Premium) control panel and also works flawlessly in FSX. I have the latest driver. I disabled my saitek profile just to make sure it wasn't conflicting and it doesn't change anything. No throttle movemen
  6. You're talking about this one? And for those who haven't seen it yet, no it's not lockon 2.12 lol.
  7. Great idea centermass. At least we would know what's happening and why. Threads here disappear with no explanation what soever. Just like SK's last thread...Yeah his idea was..."special" but still it had over 10 pages of constructive posts. People weren't bashing at each other and everyone defended his ideas in a clean manner. Then I come back here and the whole thread is gone and I don't have a clue why. Yeah maybe it wasn't in ED's plan anyway but still...isn't a forum about discussion? That would be so great. There's really a lack on input from ED on this forum. And I think that's
  8. Because they are 2 different commercial products. Black shark is about the KA-50, if you want to fly the 25T you need to buy FC. You will be able to fly the Su-25T in BS if you now have FC installed but if you're buying BS and you don't have FC, why would you also get the 25T when others have paid for it before. At least that's my guess...
  9. Damn that's quite expensive! But do you absolutely need a headset to make it work? Couldn't you just clip it to your ear? (and still be comfortable)
  10. Only a quick question, maybe the testers could answer. Is it possible in the Ka-50 to fire both the gun and rockets at the same time? It would be quite useful if you have to do a mega strafing run on a column!
  11. Great vid! And now that it's released, can you tell us why you had to wait till this date to release it? :music_whistling:
  12. Well for the first release it should look like that : You will be able to fly either the T-6A or the T-38C. Their will be a complete (and as accurate as it is) training syllabus where you will first do your UPT training to learn the flight basics, formations, etc in the T-6. Once this is complete you will jump to IFF in the T-38C where I think you will learn the combat basics. Then when the combat aircrafts will be finished you will jump to FTU training where you will learn almost everything you need to know about the aircraft you will have picked (F-16, F-15C/E or A-10). The combat airc
  13. Is there a night pod on the Ka-50 just like the Mercury on the Su-25T?
  14. Holy sh*t!! That was quite awesome :D But who made this vid? ED never really makes so much editing in their own videos. Anyway I need Black Shark.....NOW! :joystick:
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