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  1. Still happening with Valve Index
  2. Still happening in latest with Valve Index. Evident for clouds and carrier wires of the Stennis.
  3. On latest OB it looks like no matter how you map TDC axis, they are inverted between TV and TPOD. So right in TV will be left in TPOD and vice versa. Also the tutorial mentions to push Sensor Switch aft twice to go to TV/ASBR but it doesn't work. And TPOD will always be slaved to TV for me
  4. I reported the same issue here https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/dcs-world-tutorial-training-range/guides-tutorials/dcs-world-tutorial-help-requests/7146230-watch-replay-of-a-saved-track-from-external-camera Watch replay of a saved track from external camera - ED Forums
  5. Ok now I can watch the track but my airplane crash into the sea instead of doing the same actions I did. I read it's another common issue in DCS? I am recording and watching with the exact same settings This is my replay track https://www.dropbox.com/s/2iwzz956acijvhp/F-14B%20tutorial%20Shore-based%20Landing.miz_20112020_19-30.trk?dl=0 And this is my TacView track https://www.dropbox.com/s/th9cbp4c3mepb08/Tacview-20201120-191921-DCS-F-14B%20tutorial%20Shore-based%20Landing.zip.acmi?dl=0 I completed 2 landings here, correctly seen in TacView, but in replay the airplane crash into the w
  6. Reading around on internet, it looks like that you need to restart DCS after you saved the track. I restarted it and it works now, I can switch to external views inside my replays.
  7. Those values were already set to true inside the options file of my track and still I cannot change view during the track replay. Any other suggestion?
  8. Hello, I searched the web a lot and I can only find answers for old versions of DCS. I would like to watch a track I recorded from an external camera or different POV, specifically to watch my landings. But no matter what, I can't switch POV with F1...F4 and I am stuck with the exact POV I was using during the gameplay being recorded. I tried to save the track then open it in the editor and enable (force) external cameras in the options, but I got the same outcome. On the internet I see a lot of cool videos edited with external cameras, how do you do that? I am using TacView as
  9. Same issue here with the mig21 radar. Issue is more noticeable when I play on monitor compared to VR, due to the higher details and lack of reprojection. I run an Nvidia Asus RTX 3090 OC. What technique do you use for the render in the radar clutter? It's some kind of perlin noise combined to texture UV shifting? Particles?
  10. Since I switch to the open beta 2.5.6 on Steam, in the controllers setup ->UI Layer-> VR Zoom the option to map the zoom to a mouse button has disappeared. Is it a bug or design decision? For me it's very useful to zoom into the cockpit and check small switches or to zoom outside as I use both VR and mouse
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