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  1. Yes RodBorza, I agree! The same experiences I made with the snap yiew of my F 18. BUT.: With the A 10, everything is okay with the snap view. Even if you quite the mission and start another one, no problem. The custom snap views are there. For that reason it seems to me as if the problem is caused by the F 18 module.
  2. Hi guys, the setup of the snapviews works, if I am starting the missionwith my F18C, but in my case the snapshots are not being saved! Wehen I exit e.g. the mission in order to start a new one, I always have to prepare the snapviews again. Obviously they haven´t been saved, even though I hit [RAlt]+[Num0] for every of my 9 snapviews. What is wrong, pleeeease help! Thanks, Joda
  3. Hello all, I am using DCS via Steam. Yesterday I bought the Syria map. On Steam it is shown als "installed", but there was no download. When I start DCS, on the first page, where you can see your actual modules in the little tiles at the bottom of the screen, there is no Syria visible!? What is going wrong? Can anybody help me please? :helpsmilie:
  4. Hi all, after several experiments I could solve the problem with your help. The reason, why neither the mission editor nor the missions could be loaded were 2 file directories: fxo metashaders2 You can find those files under c:\user\saved games\DCS I just renamed them (to e.g. xxxxfxo and xxxmetashaders2) and started the game again. Now it took a bit time since the programm has to generate this files new, but then it worked out perfectly again! Finally I want to thank all of you for your advices and your feedback! Joda
  5. I dont find the Saved Games\DCS Folder. Can you tell me where I can find it? I Installed Steam and DCS on Drive G: G:\Steam\Steamapps\common\DCS World\ - API - Bazar - Bin - Config - CoreMods - Data - DemoMods - Doc - Dxgui - FUI - JConfHtml - l10n - LuaSocket - MissionEditor - Mods - Scripts - Sounds.edc - WebGUI and a file dcs_manifest.bin
  6. Hello DCS pilots, after flying DCS A 10 C for many month without problems, I am actually facing a problem which I could not solve yet. I urgently need help! The DCS starts normally, but when I choos e.g. a mission or if I want to open the mission editor the whole procedure "freezes" when the "above the clouds" screen appears. After that nothing else happens. I only can exit the programm with the windows task manager. What I did in order to solve the problem: (1) I used the Steam file check in order to find out whetehr something is broken / missing, but no success. (2) I deinstal
  7. Hi all, Even though the DCS and my A 10 C worked pretty good on my system, I all of the sudden encountered the problem today that neither the missions nor themission editor will load up! After starting the DCS on steam it loads normally. As soon as I want to launch a mission, after selecting the mission...the cloudy sky appears with the loading bar, but nothing else happens... I am getting mad, because after deinsalling and reinstalling of DCS the problem is still there...:helpsmilie pleease help me! Joda
  8. Hi all, at first of all I want to thank Flappie for his tips. He brought me the idea how to solve the 10% Problem. Here is the way I did it and everything is working again :-) As I mentioned in my posts before, I had this 10% problem after updating to Version 2.5.6. That means during loading of the game it always stucked at 10%. Here is my solution for that problem: (1) Deinstalling DCS (2) Deinstalling Steam (3) Switch off Antivirus software (4) Delete complete DCS file under ...C:\Users\your_name\Saved Games\DCS (5) Install Steam new (6) Install DCS new The reason, why my
  9. Hi Flappie, is this the right log file? Please see attachment. Thank U dcs.20200704-170305.log
  10. Thanks for your Reply, but if I go to DCS\Logs I see only this: dcs.20200702-201153.crash CRASH-file dcs.20200702-201153.dmp DMP-file dcs Textdocument dcs.log.old OLD-file dcs.log-20200704-170305 (This is a ZIP file) debrief Textdocument Which one do you mean?
  11. Hi there, I have also the problem that after updating DCS to version 2.5.6 the game does not start anymore. It starts loading but it stucks at 10%! I am not using Voice Attack. With Steam I did the file ckeck, but everything seems okay...but the 10% issue is still there. I deinstalled the complete DCS and reinstalled it... still does not work ! Any ideas? This is a great game, but this problems after updates are very annoying! PLEASE HELP!
  12. Hi all, I am playing DCS (A 10 C) via Steam for several weeks up to now with no Problems. After the Game was updated to Version 2.5.6 the game does not start anymore. After starting the game it stops loading at 10%. I deinstalled the whole game and reinsatlled it again...same Problem. I switched off my antivirus Programm (AVIRA) ... it does not help:cry: By the way, I do not use Voice Attack or Teamspeak. Can anyone help me please :helpsmilie: Please ED send me an easy solution for this issue. Thank U
  13. I forgot to mention, I do neither run Voice Attack nor Teamspeak! So what can I do? I already deinstalled the game in Steam and reinstalled it, but the 10% issue is still there!
  14. after 2.5.6 update loading stucks at 10% Hi guys, l see here that I am not the only one being bothered by this annoying DCS 2.5.6 :helpsmilie:update. Before everything worked perfectly. Please ED solve this problem asap! Thanks!
  15. Hallo, welche Tastenkombination entspricht denn dem TMS FWD long? In der Trainingsmission wird gesagt STRG L + Pfeil hoch, das funktioniert aber nicht !?
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