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  1. Hi, I am not sure if it has an effect as I do not use the controllers in DCS myself, but there is a setting in SteamVR to set time for controllers to turn off. One thing to try if you have not. Cheers
  2. Recommend this video by Lucas S. /Wolta were he goes through all the NVCP settings and their effect in VR: 4h:52m:35s into the video he concludes his findings. Basically not that many NVCP settings that have much effect on VR in DCS. Might be different on different systems so you gonna have to try for urself. But at least it gives some hints/guidance. Cheers
  3. Glad to hear that! I had to downgrade myself, but did not get the nvlddmkm issue when DCS crasched due to Steam for VRM Beta. Cheers
  4. Yeah, G2 and same. Is like that until the server browser has queried all the servers. After that, smooth as per usual. Cheers
  5. Hello m8, nvlddmkm seems to be a problem caused by many different reasons with equaly many solutions. But I would try a motherboard BIOS upgrade (if your not on the latest) and if that does not fix the problem I would try down-clocking the card with -25 MHz a time to see if that eventually fixes the problem (using for example, MSI Afterburner). Cheers
  6. Had the same problem, solved it by following this guide. Don't know if the problem with KB5001330 appers on non-WRMs. Cheers
  7. Do you mean Zoom in game while in VR? If so, the zoom functions for VR are in the "UI Layer" part of the controls section, not in the specific plane section. Cheers
  8. Glad to hear it is working to your liking! As for the name of the sound devices they are names that I have set myself. You can do that under Windows Start button, select Settings, select System and then Sound. There you have the option of naming your different sound-out-put devices, like headphones or VR headsets. Make sure that WRM is active before doing so, otherwise your VR headset will not show up. As for nircmd i would suggest putting in a "timeout /t 5" in your .cmd file after it starts Steam VR for your VR option. I have found that WRM and Steam VR takes a bit of time to sta
  9. I built myself a simple .cmd file that uses pre-set .lua config files to change the settings in DCS as to my choice as I only have one installation of DCS (Open Beta). I also use it to set sound device and volume (with nircmd) and to start other necessary programs that I want in conduction with DCS, like TrackIR, VoiceAttack and DCS Simple Radio. I also have a line in it to change the .lua file for my Joystick as I want to have the same Zoom buttons in VR (for muscle memory reasons) as I have when I am flying with Track IR. When I select a Track IR option, the VR-joystick file is removed so th
  10. Set DCS PD to 1.0 Set SteamVR SS to 50% (Reverb G2 has higher native res, try 50% first and try and get it as close to 2160 x 2160 as possible for starters) As for NVCP none of you settings really have any effect in VR. Recommend that you roll all back with restore function and only set Power Mgmt Mode to High Performance and Texture filtering - Quality to High Performance. Most likely they have no effect in VR but cannot hurt. Besides these you can play around with the SteamVR SS lvl and DCS settings to see performance impact. Remember to restart DCS after every c
  11. Hello Bryan, Here is something to try if you already havent, Settings in DCS are not taken into account until you restart the game. Changing MSAA and other settings in DCS also do not always seem to take ffect unless you clear the current shaders and let DCS rebuild them based on your new graphics settings. At least it's often like that on my end. To clear shaders open your Saved Games folder and go into DCS or DCS.OpenBeta folder. In there delete all files in folders "fxo" and "metashaders2". Please note that it will take longer time to start the game and t
  12. Hello impalor, You seem to have very good understanding of your system, setup and all the different options within and outside of DCS and therefor you probably have tried this as well - but just in case I will share it with you in the unlikely event that you have not tried it. Set Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames to "Use the 3D Application setting" in the NV Cotrol Panel. This really helped me with the ghosting effect in both IL-2 and DCS. Ghosting is practically gone and the ride a lot smoother in both games. Note, I do not use reprojection mode and I have a really powerful sy
  13. Can confirm the issue with major FS drop when radar is on. Same situation in VR, although not as apparent as in 2d. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900X GPU: MSI RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10G OC RAM: 32GB DDR4 3466 MHz Disk: Samsung 970 EVO 500GB OS: Windows 10 20H2, v19042.630, Ex pack120.2212.31.0 Nvidia driver: 457.30 TrackIR 5 HP Reverb G1 //Cheers
  14. For any1 having this issue, try these 2 steps to solve it. I had the same problem and like many of you I had applied various tweaks to improve performance in DCS, like for VR and non-VR. Turns out it was my autoexec.cfg that I had put in the Saved Games/DCS folder that removed functionallity of Communications menu (as well as ingame briefing window popup at start of mission). Option 1: delete autoexec.cfg in your Saved Games/DCS folder and restart game Option 2: delete DCS folder in your Saved Games/DCS folder and restart game Option 1 worked for me, although option 2 solved it as well
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