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  1. Good to know that I'm not alone, gonna apply this to mine too thanks!
  2. I feel that. More weird thing is they added lots of stuff (some cool) in the codes but that's it. Just added and left to rot there.
  3. Tip; first - jump in the game and adjust to whatever you like second - press rctrl + scroll lock twice to show a little debug text on top left. Use the FOV value hidden somewhere in there at snapviews lua.
  4. Yeah and I love ya for it. I might've a little bit abused your mod as a base lol (for my personal use only ofc)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Nealius View Post I have a full-time job, cook and clean for myself, and regularly go to the gym and enjoy other hobbies. During the work season there just isn't time for "proper" starts, so I either do an auto start or a hot ramp start most of the time. During vacation periods when I have more free time I'll do full cold starts. The argument against auto starts or hot starts purely boils down to gate-keeping arrogance, i.e. "I'm better than those auto start plebs." Same with the sim vs. game argument. Are you using this simulator to train to real life? No?
  6. I'm using a very trash backup phone with 5" screen and I can say a-10c cdu numpads needs something different because I hate throwing phone and going high pitched "FUUUU" moment ending with trying to reach laptops numpad and type for the sixth time :megalol: Nothing is wrong with the app btw; don't get it wrong but there could be a different solution for this problem maybe so I'm just pointing out when things get heated up it can go very rouge :( Also my hands and therefore my fingers are literally extra small so I can't even think people with big hands and small screens.
  7. Warning: This mod will cause wear and tear on your keyboard's shift+F4 keys as often you will urge to look back to see rising success of your run.
  8. it makes the a-10c's CCD beautiful but make the bhot whot grey same color. Also Prevents changing the brightness which default is blinding and not usable as it is actually too bright to see anything while map is on. I played with it a little but no joy.
  9. it's like the film over everything is just stripped. I hate it.
  10. A-10C trainee is here. Question before even started; do you have hair longer than 10mm? Sorry I meant patience :megalol::megalol::megalol:
  11. how can we adapt the oldish sound packs to new system? I tried to change the betty of a-10c like hell but nope no chance. any documents or other threads I can learn this?
  12. There is only 2 of them ever produced if I remember right. I would've be nice.
  13. that is totally possible, let me look for it I recently saw it while searching another thing. In case I forget; discord:Azorath#7017
  14. as mentioned above but tldr version; be aware though it will take ages to load :D mklink /J "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\Mods\terrains\Nevada" "D:\DCS YER YOK\Mods\terrains\Nevada" mklink /J "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\Mods\terrains\PersianGulf" "D:\DCS YER YOK\Mods\terrains\PersianGulf"
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