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  1. I've uploaded it as a text file to the User Files, hopefully it'll show up soon. I did a full text search through all the game files for one of the airfield names and looked at all the files that seemed relevant, but didn't see any obvious places where that data is stored.
  2. OK, I tested the fuel tanks and found that all the fuel tanks (wing and centerline, 800L and 1100L) can withstand 6.0 Gs, and so don't seem to need the AG/2 switch. And I tried the C-701T and C-701IR (one of each), pulling 6.0 Gs for about 30 seconds, then firing each one, and they both locked on, fired, and hit their targets. Editing my original post above to show the current results.
  3. A few weeks ago I did some testing and made a complete list of airfield IDs for the Su-25T. I only saw the Caucausus Map Aerodrome IDs in the manual (page 66 in the PDF), but none for other maps. (I believe the FC3 planes also use these same IDs internally, and increment through the airfields in numerical order when you press the next/previous waypoint buttons, but they don't actually show the selected ID anywhere that I can find, so these may not be very useful for FC3 planes.) Caucausus ID Name 01 Anapa-Vityazevo 02 Krasnodar-Center 03 Novorossiysk 04 K
  4. I don't know what the limits for all the weapons are supposed to be, as that is not documented anywhere I could find. What I'm posting is what I've found the limits to actually be in the game. Chuck's Guide specifically says the C-701T has a 5.5 G limit (page 114 and page 347), which is incorrect as far as I can tell, and the Quick Start guide specifically mentions that the C-701 is sensitive to high Gs, so I figured it would only say that if they could be damaged by the higher of the two AG switch settings, but that doesn't seem to be the case. At least as currently implemented
  5. I just tested the C-701T and C-701IR again, and they can withstand up to the 6.0 to 6.1 G that the AG/1 mode allows. That was surprising to me because both the quick start guide and Chuck's say the C-701 is particularly susceptible to high Gs. (Although I only tested to see if the weapon said FAIL on the MFD, I didn't actually try firing it afterward...) I also tested the BRM rockets (both guided and unguided), and they withstand AG/1 as well, and the 2x LAU-68 pods withstand 8.0 Gs presumably because they're on the outer wing double pylon. Looks like the fix for that is already
  6. Both the quickstart guide and Chuck's Guide say some weapons can be damaged by high G loading, but it doesn't say which ones, so I did some testing and found some odd results: No G limit, can be used with A/A master switch: • All pods • All A/A weapons • LD-10 ARMs • Any stores (bombs or rockets) on outer wing double pylons only (I'm assuming this is a bug?) 6.0 G limit, needs A/G master switch but AG/1 or AG/2 doesn't matter: • All drop tanks (centerline 800L and wing 800L and 1100L tanks) • GB-6, GB-6-HE, GB-6-SFW • C-802AK, C
  7. Well, I went into the game today and everything with the kneeboards appears to be working... I'm not sure what the problem was, but it's no longer happening, so nevermind the bug report.
  8. Since the patch (and maybe since; I know for sure it worked in, the kneeboard commands for several FC aircraft aren't working properly. Kneeboard On/Off is working, but not the Kneeboard Previous Page or Kneeboard Next Page. I noticed when I started and flew the A-10A, Su-25, and Su-25T that the joystick buttons I had mapped to next/previous page were gone. I remapped them and the game recognized the buttons in the control mapping screen, but they don't actually do anything in the game. The keyboard buttons for next/previous don't work eit
  9. I can't seem to find a binding for the SPO-2B Sirena radar warning receiver power switch anywhere in the controls. Am I missing something or is there just not one? It would be handy if one could be added if it isn't in there. Thanks!
  10. I can confirm, I just ran into this bug and came here to report it. Right Gun Electric Power binding works correctly, but Left Gun Electric Power binding only turns the breaker switch off, not on. Thanks!
  11. @TOViperThanks for the actual manual page! I searched for "landing gear" and checked in the specific sections for landing gear (page 54 and 80) and the take off procedure (page 241) and didn't see it, glad it's in there somewhere.
  12. In the manual (RC2, page 244), it says Note: With Zone 3 afterburner, the aircraft accelerates very quickly and may result in reaching maximum allowed airspeed with extended landing gear before it has fully retracted. But I can't find anywhere in the manual where it says what the maximum allowed speed actually is. Anyone know? Thanks!
  13. A few patches ago though, the F-18 was almost perfectly accurate, just like the F-16 is now. I can deal with bombs not doing much damage (I'm actually not even sure that's entirely unrealistic in these cases, but that's another topic), but the lack of accuracy is really frustrating, especially when at least one other plane doesn't have the same problem.
  14. I'm trying to do simple CCIP bombing in the F-18 and not having much luck. I dropped 10 Mk 82s and scored only 3 hits, while I'm 5 out of 5 in the F-16. Attached are my track files and the mission I threw together to test this. A few months ago I reported this as a bug, but apparently it couldn't be reproduced, so if it's not a bug, it must be me screwing up somehow. The F-16 seems to be perfectly accurate though, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong in the F-18. I have the AGR radar mode up, and I'm putting the pipper on the target... That should be everything, right? Anyone have an id
  15. I noticed the same thing. A friend of mine is trying to make some co-op missions for us to fly, and ran into the same problem. After doing quite a bit of testing, we found that if you make a 2-plane flight in the mission editor, where either plane is set as an AI, and the other is Player or Client, then the waypoints for the flight show up on the F10 map. But if both planes are Player or Client, then the waypoints don't show up. (In single player mode just testing through the Fly option in the mission editor.) Further, if you make a 3-plane flight, and the first two planes are Player
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