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  1. Bought and tested today on android Samsung S8+... It works great, full 6DOF and smooth tracking... A little curve tweaking in OpenTrack and of you go! For 10€ it is an amazing little app.
  2. Great work Minsky! :thumbup: Any donations link so a man can buy you a beer?
  3. Here's my recording... minus my voice which didn't get recorded... :cry: Great event, it's fun when... one... actually survives... :D
  4. Yup... first one is mine... Jesus it was 2 years ago... :cry:
  5. Still same low 15-20FPS in Multiplayer... Rift CV1, 4790K@4.4Ghz, 1080Ti, 32GB RAM, NVME, PD 1.5, low graphics settings... :cry:
  6. Textures - High Terrain Textures - Low Civ. Traffic - Off Water - High Visib Range - Low Heat Blur - Low Shadows - Medium Res. of Cockpit Displays - 512 MSAA - Off Depth of Field - Off Lens Effects - Flare Motion Blur - Off SSAA - Off Grass - 300 Trees - 75% Preload - MAX (if 16GB RAM then 10000) Anisotropic Filtering - Off (Set to 4x through NVIDIA Control Panel in DCS BlackShark profile) Terrain Object Shadow - Off Cockpit Global Illumination - Off VR PD - 1.5 Stay on 2.5.5 cause VR framerates in 2.5.6 OpenBeta are cut in half...
  7. Guess Bullet doesn't work on weekends, eh... :D Anyone else has the two Tacview records?
  8. Amazing mod! Finally 45FPS on Pimax 5K+ in Normal FOV with 1080Ti... :thumbup:
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