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  1. Congrats to Sung Ho for overcoming extremely adverse conditions for the Hornet. What he had to practice and train to do that is truly a feat few will understand. I hope ED will take input from this thread and more closely model jet behavior to real life controls and EM diagrams where possible for them to do so. Trigger is no slouch and it really could have gone either way. Guess, it's back to training for me to get to Sung Ho's level.
  2. Well you're falsely equating imposed g limits to realism. I think it's safe to say that everybody here does want more realism and nobody that I've seen here is just looking for an exploit to win a tournament. But again, we have to define what realism is and what kind of realism is more important. Realism of matching real life performance numbers? Dcs is already not even close on the Hornet. This is well understood in the community. Or rather should realism of pilot behavior and flying be the focus? Paddle usage was very uncommon, okay cool, we won't pull paddle. 8g according to
  3. It's disappointing to have witnessed the personal attacks on maxsin who has only in this thread attempted to add to the discussion with some concrete testimonial evidence. I'd implore you all to refrain from that behavior in this community. Please differentiate between attacking an idea and attacking a person. That being said, everybody needs to remember that DCS is a SIM. They have not modeled everything precisely to real life and cannot do so due to a number of factors including lack of G-feel. There are also other major modeling issues such as the F-18 able to pull 8.1-8.5G __WITH
  4. Nah, testing was under Mach .8 (300-450 knots @ 5-15k). Full stick constant pull especially in vertical loops (but also works in horizontal) you can bust the 8.0g limit (even if only for a short spike, (again HUD max G indicator)). I also just tested to see if I could get an 811. I don't think it's implemented because I can't get an 811 to show up. So I don't think that would be a good way to test if people used paddle. Is there a way to get 811 to show up in DCS? Questions: 1) How will the G-limit rule be policed? Won't both tracks have to be examined after every fight to see who
  5. Once turn in is called, is there any restriction on altitude/speed/lead turn/etc? or are people supposed to fly a neutral left to left merge going a set speed?
  6. So as far as my DCS testing as gone, the Hornet still pulls easily up to 8.2G on the HUD "max G" indicator. Testing was at multiple altitudes and holding constant stick position, but high AoA with no paddle usage. I think we do want realism, and from what we've heard about Hornets and the justification of an 8G limit is that the FCS is supposed to limit to 7.5G, but it doesn't in DCS. Side question: Mover, are you really constantly watching G meter in BFM training? or rather focused on speed, AoA, alt, and bandit? How often are you looking at the G meter in the Hornet rather tha
  7. Hey Dogfighters, Are you looking for other dogfighters to play with and learn BFM, BVR, ACM from? You've found it. Join our open community discord that is meant as a place for dogfighters to hang out, talk about dogfighting, or find a match. We have a few instructors who are willing and able to teach new players how to get into dogfighting as well. We also have our own PvP dogfight server catering to 1v1s, Team Deathmatch (Guns), and have plans for BVR/Fox 2 zones. https://discord.gg/q6wndWG All are welcome.:pilotfly:
  8. Plz Plz Plz do this one Plz!!! For your sake too!
  9. Um, yes I mainly play multiplayer, so that'd be fine, but I think there are some single player missions with a lot of client spots that filtering could be useful in as well.
  10. Please add capability to have drop down filters in the "Select Role" Menu for: Unit Type Airfield The other categories having sorting and filtering could be nice, but those usually have very unique names and aren't as useful. If the functionality worked like the Multiplayer Server "Search" bar where you can type letters and automatically filter results, that would be nice and perhaps an easy way to implement it. Hope this makes sense. It'd just be nice to not have to scroll through so many lines of aircraft we can't access or sometimes we just want to fly an F-18 and would li
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