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  1. Thanks for testing. You're right, 5-6 direct hits are way to much to be viable. Thats begging for getting killed. So i think, i'll wait until the MI-8 is in sale and buy it because it's a cool helo, but i will have to find something different to be useful in MP with a helo. EDIT: Offtopic but: Is there any way, i can command troops to a certain direction on servers like blue flag? Basicely bringing AT troops near tanks and tell them to go kill it? If i could do that, i would be happy with troop transport only
  2. Thanks for the input, i appreciate that. I have to say 180 rockets sounds amazing.^^ I'm aware of the missing splash damage, and thats exactly why i think about the Mi-8. In the Huey, i am able to get direct hits if i fire 4-6 rockets simultaniously. But with 7 anti tank rockets on each side, i run out of ammo pretty quick. I'm now a bit confused about rocket types. Scoobie said i have to use anti personal rockets and WinterH mentioned i should try the Huey with 19 rockets on each side. But i can only put 19 mk151 he or wp to the Huey, and in the manual, they are d
  3. Hello, currently i'm flying the Huey and i'm having a lot of fun. But there is one thing that bothers me. Because the Huey isn't really able to fight amored ground targets, i'm limited to logistic jobs in multiplayer. And though i enjoy doing logistics, i would like to be able to do more than that. So i'm currently thinking about buying the MI-8 module. How capable is the MI-8 if it comes to fight tanks? Can i just load the MI-8 with a shitload of rockets and be at least half way effective against them? How many anti tank rockets can i put on the M
  4. To be honest: if he has the same problem like me, i can understand him. In your post, it looks like your having this wandering bug very rarely, is this correct? I have this everytime i play with the k50. I would say every 5th lockon try, ends up in the shkval going wild. If this would happen just every few days, i would have no problem with it. Has someone found a solution, to set this back, if it happens?
  5. First of all: Thank you for your help. I really appreciate that Yeah, it was weird. He pressed the key for the communcation menu, and there were no points in it. It often moves of in a random direction without any input from me. Seems to be a bug, which is known for long. I also made a thread about that https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4409558&posted=1#post4409558 This is also no search mode or something like that, cause the direction is random no, cause we wanted to play^^. Will do next time Well, i hope it's getting better^^
  6. Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact, that they charge 50 bucks for broken target system. If i would have known that, before buying, i would have not invested in this heli. Do i get the black shark 3 automaticly if it's released?
  7. Wait, is this a joke? Why this isn't fixed, if that's a known problem since years? Thats a critical feature. Charging that much for a single heli, i expect this to work. Selling a combat heli for 50€, that half of the time is not able lock a target is an absolute shitty move. Well there is nothing i can do about it, but this will definitively prevent me from buying any other module.
  8. Hello, thanks for your answers. I'm pretty sure this were bugs. We got on the server, 1 of the weapons of the f15 was restricted. so he changed that. Waited for confirmation, then he took of. Than he got a message invalid loadout. So it didn't change. Before he was able to land again, he blew of. Spawned in another slot, not able to change loadout it all (the communication menu didn't show anything), so disconnect and reconnect. 3rd try, he gets the loadout changed, takes of, and after 5 minutes, there was a solid 5 seconds freeze, getting him killed. Yeah, but are there o
  9. Hello, i have a problem with lock on via shkval. Often, the shkval moves withouth my input. It just goes of in a random direction. I usually set the rough position of the shkval via the "o" key. Then, i navigate precisely with with my hat switch, and than i lock the target with enter. if i i dont get the "ta" sighn, i press enter again. correct the poistion via hat switch and lock again. Do i make a mistake? I also didn't find a way to reset that. I just position the shkval randomly, until it works right again. This is driving me crazy. While this really sucks for ground targets,
  10. Hello, i already posted this in the steam forums, because could not create a thread here. now it works. we are 2 new Pilots, that are interested in playing blue flag. We bought our modules a few days ago, and it feels, like there is nothing like problems. I have some questions and i hope you can help me: Here my questions: - Why so few lives? My friend and i wanted to play together, and he lost all of his 3 lives to bugs quickly in a row. And now we are not allowed to play together for 6 hours? Is there a way to get lifes? Cause if that happens every time we play, this will definit
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