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  1. Highest resolution I've seen so far http://www.air-actualites.com/video/red-flag-2008.flv
  2. ahhh rumors (and videos) ...... It's too bad the development is underground! I'd love to see the progress and read developers comments... FF is better on that point.
  3. Pretty good post. I'll try to add a few things That's the main point. For anyone who would like to know what version is the best, just try it by yourself. AF is the only legal version. And it's the whole sim. You don't need the original F4.0 CD. Just buy F4 Allied Force, install it, patch it, configure it and play. Squadron have been able to fly a multiplayer mission with 20 people with no problem. Last year, an international exercise took place with simmers from all over the world. No big issues have been reported. For any problem, you can go to F4forums.com and ask for help
  4. Hi Vekkinho, Sorry i've just come across your post. I don't come often in this part of the forum. I don't know if there's an aviation museum in Paris itself. However, close to the surburbs, there's the Bourget museum of flight which is held the Bourget airshow every two years (not this year however). I don't know if you read French, but I couldn't find an English version of the museum website : http://www.mae.org/ The museum is at the Bourget airport, not far from Paris. You can easily go there by train (RER B, station "Le Bourget"), by the underground (line 7, station "La Coureneuv
  5. Merci Paploo, very good video. It's always a pleasure to fly with you guys. See you in HL. Cheers :)
  6. At the moment, it works with tracks. I guess the final version will work the same way. If you plan to watch your flight in the ACMI, once the mission is over, press "record track" instead of "fly". can't wait to see the final version :)
  7. Yes, one needs practice to be better. But I (I speak for myself but i'm sure i'm not the only one) feel that I would be less useful than a noob during a mission... I sometimes listen to live ATC (http://atcmonitor.com/) for practicing and can't repeat what i can hear ... This looks like an easy exercise for you but I just can't understand what they say... or I understand just the end of their sentence, or the figures. But It's hard to repeat them. well that might be a reason why people don't join TS before flying on HL servers. I think they don't want to be there, whithout understa
  8. I got your point but you forgot something: language. I understand quite well written English, but I'm sure I wouldn't understand anything of what my wingman would say. Especially in combat missions, when you must speak quickly ...
  9. http://lomac.strasoftware.com/lomac-acmi.php quick translation: 05/27/06 The tool is now in alpha version. Optimisation has been done on it. All seems to work well. Now Vyrtuoz is working on it in order to make the ACMI look nicer. So I think a beta version should be released soon.
  10. mhhhh strange I didn't try the method with a big track. For my video, I edited several tracks, all of them last 30 seconds max. Then I render the moment I need: only a few seconds. And every time, when the tool is working, I can hear that the speed of the track is doubled, untill it reaches the right moment. Try a short track to test. Maybe yours is too long :( For the field of view, did you try changing the ratio? (1.33 is the ratio by defaut)
  11. i got the answer for that. on the top right corner of the render avi tool, you have "Start" and "Stop" (cf screenshot) So if you want to render 1 minute after 1 hour, just enter (let's say your track begins at 12:00): START: 1 /13:00:00 END : 1 /13:01:00 this way you'll record only 1 minute. Press start to let the tool work. This will last a few seconds untill the track reach 1 hour of playing. Then the tool will render 1 minute. Same for sound: this will take a few seconds, then it will record the sound in the minute you rendered. :)
  12. Hey Evilboy, very nice vid. I have some questions about a camera movement: 1)How did you do the camera movement at 2' of the video, when the first 2 F16 take off? 2)same at 3'02 when the F16 turns: i'm not talking about the shake movement, but how did you manage to place the camera at the 8 o'clock of the F16? i can do this, but with the F4 key. However, the F4 key only works with your plane, not a IA plane... or did I missed something?
  13. thanks Chizh, That was basicly what I was doing, except that I recorded both track and video edit with graphic settings on High. I also rendered the video editied track into an uncompressed .avi file, 720x576 @25fps. Then I put this avi file into Windows Movie maker. Unfortunately, when I try to play it, I have a big stuttering video. That makes the video editing very difficult, as I have big difficulties to put effects, transitions, etc on the right moment, because of the stuttering. But when I render the final composition, the stutter is gone, and I keep the 25fps ... I may try
  14. Thanks Andrew_McP Now I can do it. And if there's a bug, I can solve it by stopping Lock On and running it again. However, no matter what I do, I really can't get the same quality as ED did in their last BS video. My graphic settings are maxed (everything is at its maximum, except visibility range), and my Graphic card (6800) is at its maximum too. But still, the quality I obtain with the render avi is really under BS video. Any idea about how they did that?
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