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  1. I know that if there were some ETA in your WIP module, you would already have sad it but...is it possible to at least know in witch year do you think they should be ready? You think you will be releasing something in 2021 or probably not? Also, is it possible to have some "order" in witch you think you will release your 3 new modules? As I supposed you wont launch them all together. So we know at least really roughly what to expect. Thanks.
  2. Oh...ok, that’s good to know! I can’t test it because I just own FC3, Viggen and Mirage, that is my only full fidelity model with GBU. Well...that’s frustrating pilot for 30 minute and then miss the target consistently by that small margin without be able to do nothing about it..
  3. Hello, I tried setting up a simple JTAC unit and using some guided bombs with M-2000C. It work and the bomb track (it seems, because it manovre at some point), but it often miss the target by few meters. I don’t know if it is relevant but I tried on bunkers and it always miss, and some simple armor unit did just once but it tracked well. Any clue about it?
  4. Hello, I’m start this week learning this module, I red one time the manual and follow the tutorial, plus some YouTube videos, as this point I should know enough about the basic at least. During training missions it mention (or at least it seams to me) that when bombing, I can select 3 modes, at least with CCRP, TAS (Radar bombing), INS (+TAS) and RS, which, the tutorial, explain as less accurate because it is only based on the altimeter. Now, my question is, is it possibile to do bombing without radar, only using RS option? If for example I want to remain as stealth as possibile, want to b
  5. I can’t open the link :( at least with my smartphone. I can visti the site e navigate it, but can’t directly download what your are referring
  6. Well...even if I could agree for Caucuses, NTTR can be old, not played a lot, not for MP and everything they can say, BUT (and this is a big but), it is a payed content...and moreover (this is the second big thing) cost the same as Persian Gulf... So, purely on economic level I see only 2 reasonable think to do: 1) Lower NTTR Map cost 2) Threat it as all other maps that cost the same (for now only PG but will be others) I think it is not something that “it would be nice but...”, it’s something that it’s wrong if they decide to leave it without updates but sell it at the same price of e
  7. You are referring to the F-16 manual sold by an ED employee, right?
  8. And thank to everyone for sharing their opinions, seems all of you agree, I’m glad to ear that :)
  9. Oh that’s really interesting! I didn’t know that! Anyway, if you are interested, there is for example on YouTube a cool video about a pilot that explain all the cockpit of the F-15 except the MFD claiming that she cannot turn them on.
  10. This is an hard question I know, and I'll try to explain it as best as I can. I'm not interested in anything (like ATC, Weapons, Ground Units, ecc..) except planes cockpit, lets say. Obviously, I'm talking only about the high fidelity model. I've done some research as always before opening this thread and ED stated more than once that all of their planes are based on publicly available information and (fortunately) they do not use any restricted data. I also read that basic startup procedure, cockpit layout, buttons and their relative functions are generally available but what is displ
  11. Good to know, thanks! Does the IFF function on the plane or is mainly aesthetics with some buttons pressable?
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