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  1. According to the news the sale (and the free flight) will start at 10:00 PST (which is 19:00 MET). It is not clear to me if there is a free flight on steam (I hope so)
  2. @Wags Thank you for your response. The Track File is 36mb big. I can't upload it. Sorry.
  3. I recreated it 5 minutes ago on a airbase. Same situation.
  4. Hi, I have a question to the CCIP-Mode in combination with INS (without IFA) - I did not find something on the forum. I recently flown a mission in Syria where (because of story reasons) IFA is not available to the INS. We were starting from a carrier. I did my normal start up. INS to CV and STD HDG. After initalisation --> NAV. After flying at low altitude I got a almost horizontal CCIP bombing fall line. Obviously it has something to do with the INS (and is no bug). Is there a way to reset the system to make CCIP working again? Thank yo
  5. @Thadiun Okona I tried out the "switch" you suggested. Am I wrong or is these assembly still "one direction at a time"? Maybe I customize it for that purpose (I need more free time ).
  6. Thank you. I was going to place an orderat mouser anyway. So it is easier to reach the 50€ limit for free shipping to Germany
  7. @HILOK Don't ask me why, I don't get along with these ministicks.
  8. @Thadiun Okona Do you have cad / 3d-printing files or can you recomend certain assemblys?
  9. Hi, I'm recently building a collective and I'm looking for some 4 way switches. I was tryig out a E-Switch JS5208 and an Alps Alpine RKJXT1F42001. The downside of these switches is, that you can only apply one direction at a time (which is downside when you want to slew e.g. the Shkval in the Ka-50) Do you know 4-way / navigation switches which can have two active directions at one time? I would prefer switches with a relatively big actuator (as the two I mentioned). E-Switch https://tech.alpsalpine.com/prod/e/html/multicontrol/switch/rkj
  10. Hi, I did not find anything to this topic. I was doing some CAS together with a friend of mine. I flew the A-10C II and he flew the F/A-18C. He changed his DL group to mine (Group 23) and so he could see me on his SA-Page and his HMD. I on the other hand, could not see him on the TAD or over the HMCS. Is there a away in the A-10C to do so? Thank you.
  11. Hi, this evening I played a simple SEAD mission together with a friend of mine. We attacked two SA-10 emplacements. He flew the JF-17 and I flew the F/A-18. 5 of 6 HARMs (in two sorties) were intercepted additional to four JSOW (which I read were kind of stealthy). Every LD-10 in different operation modes were fired and none of them were attacked by the SA-10. I find it very unlikely that a SA-10 reacts that different on two missiles of comparable size etc (Keyword: radar cross section etc.). My question is: Is this behavior a bug, WIP or is it real (as real as it gets)? If someon
  12. I expected values between 30 and 45 degrees. Iam using a Texas Instrument linear hall sensor drv5055 with a low-pass filter. At 3.3V suppy voltage it has approx 3V of travel. The usb interface's ADC I use seems to have 10bit input. The software game device seems to have 8bit. It feels fine. The interface is called Arcaze. It is pretty straight forward. I was thinking of doing the PC-interface on my own, but I decided to use a working solution to concentrate to the collective hardware. Thank you for your input.
  13. Hey, I recently start learning the Ka-50 and I was wondering about the collective. In older tutorial videos the collective and it's switches look slightly different then now. Were there major updates during die moduls livetime? My second question goes into a more technical / hardware direction. I'm building a collective because I find the commerial ones too expensive. The prototype works quite well. Does in real helicopters (as well as the Ka-50) the collectives have horizontal middle position and goes up- and downwards. Or is the Horizontal position the lowest most? (see figure)
  14. Hajime

    X56 Parts List

    Hey, does anybody took his X56 Throttle / Stick apart or has a part list of the X56? I like the mini joysticks, the 4-way-switches and some poti's very much, so I'm very interested to know which manufacturer Logitech / Saitek used. I want to build a new throttle by my own, but I don't dare to take my Logitech throttle apart (I don't want to lose the warranty). Thank you. Hajime
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