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  1. Hey, I just bought a VKB MCG Stick with the Gunfighter III Base and I want to adapt my current stick holding plate to the new dimensions, before the stick arrives here. (I didn't find a manual for the Stick / Base). The image below is from another ED-Forum thread, is the hole pattern for the Gunfighter MK2 the same as for the MK 3? I asume that the 5 mm holes are used to mount the plate to the base? Thanks.
  2. Hajime


    Hey, I tried out the NVG on the Gazelle and there is a strange behaviour. Sometimes the NVG Vision is really bad. I start the mission, jump in the Heli (HOT) and toggle the NVG. I noticed that the cockpit lights differs too in that two cases. I don't tuch anything after starting the mission. 1. Picture: NVG working 2. Picture: Cockpit Lights 3. Picture: NVG not working 4. Picture: Cockpit Lights dim Any suggestions? NVG Working Cockpit lights NVG not working Cockpit ligh
  3. Hey, does the Hind we will get in DCS have a movable gun respectively a gun which can be turned of boreside? Thank you for your answer
  4. You name it. I updated the server the other day and it worked. I think the thread can be closed. Thank you!
  5. Hey, yesterday I realised that Multicrew in the Gazelle is... lets say: "it needs improvement". Which is sad, because I tried the Gazelle in the free to play event and I like it. Multicrew in the Huey is a relatively new feature. How it was solved in the Huey before Multicrew came out (I bought it afterwards)? I try to understand why Multicrew is working on e.g. the L-39 for (a long) time and not on helicopters? I could imagine that in a plane the two cockpits are, lets say, two different (code-)blackboxes which do not interact directly whereas in a hel
  6. Hi, since the last update the LHA-1 Tarawa is burining even after map restart. This occurs on 2 different missons (in Multiplayer)
  7. According to the news the sale (and the free flight) will start at 10:00 PST (which is 19:00 MET). It is not clear to me if there is a free flight on steam (I hope so)
  8. @Wags Thank you for your response. The Track File is 36mb big. I can't upload it. Sorry.
  9. I recreated it 5 minutes ago on a airbase. Same situation.
  10. Hi, I have a question to the CCIP-Mode in combination with INS (without IFA) - I did not find something on the forum. I recently flown a mission in Syria where (because of story reasons) IFA is not available to the INS. We were starting from a carrier. I did my normal start up. INS to CV and STD HDG. After initalisation --> NAV. After flying at low altitude I got a almost horizontal CCIP bombing fall line. Obviously it has something to do with the INS (and is no bug). Is there a way to reset the system to make CCIP working again? Thank yo
  11. @Thadiun Okona I tried out the "switch" you suggested. Am I wrong or is these assembly still "one direction at a time"? Maybe I customize it for that purpose (I need more free time ).
  12. Thank you. I was going to place an orderat mouser anyway. So it is easier to reach the 50€ limit for free shipping to Germany
  13. @HILOK Don't ask me why, I don't get along with these ministicks.
  14. @Thadiun Okona Do you have cad / 3d-printing files or can you recomend certain assemblys?
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