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  1. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3307115/
  2. Just a heads-up for users who don't have the supercarrier addon, the included familiarization missions don't work properly and you have to edit them changing the included carrier to CVN-74 Stennis
  3. No I mean the one that's usually assigned to LAlt+C on the keyboard, I managed to make it work myself by cannibalizing the lua file from another module but I don't get why it's locked from editing by default. I added this line manually to the default.lua file in the mouse folder {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN4'}}, down = iCommandCockpitClickModeOnOff, name = _('Clickable mouse cockpit mode On/Off'), category = _('General')} I tried to copy the diff file from the saved games but it didn't work, sorry if I'm not clear
  4. I'm used to assign a mouse button (not the middle one) to toggle between panning and clickable cockpit mode, in other modules it works but in the harrier I just bought the Mouse column is greyed out and I can't map any control to it
  5. Upping this, or at least can someone tell me how to mess with the lua files to make it work?
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