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  1. sad but very true. i was a bit disappointed about the outcome to be honest.
  2. interesting, that’s something i will try as well and report. Said... done. In my test mission it does not occur anymore with hot-start viper. The side-to-side wiggle is still present but i accept that this just occurs outside flight envelope above 800kn. I am not saying it is fixed but on short testing I could not reproduce with current version and hot-started Viper.
  3. I did faced the issue a few day's ago during a GR Mission again... so it is still not solved. Didn't checked with last Update from Wednesday.
  4. I still doubt that our issue is 1:1 connected to this topic. The oscillation occurs with different load layouts.
  5. this is really weird man found some videos of real F-16 having aeroelastic phenomena crazy stuff but if this is connected to our issue... don't know.
  6. Glad to be not the only one in this topic. I would like to know why almost no-one else is facing this effect. My stomach tells me it hast something to do with starting the aircraft by myself every time. Next missions I will go for a hot start at the runway instead of cold-starting myself. Thanks for your thoughts. In almost any case with this effect the speedometer and altimeter went crazy, yes.
  7. here we go again, just recorded the same issue with a different weapon layout again. Pure Weapons training against AI. No refueling. is it me doing something generally wrong? :cry: Video Upload to YouTube is still in progress 1st time 2nd time attachments as requested: jpg shows payload zip contains tacview file log trk regards OscillationIssue02.trk OscillationIssue02.log OscillationIssue02.zip
  8. will provide as soon as i can record the scenario in a short video and trackfile
  9. No idea why i did this. Definity stupid, i am aware that 300kt is the limit. But i doubt that this is the reason for the strange oscillation. I faced this issue several times even without refueling procedure. thanks for the hint though
  10. New example. I am about to loose the interesst in F-16C module due to this anoying issue. trk is to large for uploading, even as zip file. Sorry. OscillationIssue.log OscillationIssue.txt.acmi.zip
  11. thats true... i am aware of this fact. So your conclusion would be: it works as designed? ok, got it how to save the track files. Next time facing such an issue i will save and provide the file? What is prefered? Stable or Beta?
  12. as mentioned... it is not just pitch. Sum Things up: Rudder Oscillation issue still present for me ( Stable): Pitch Oscillation issue still present for me ( Stable): Pitch Oscillation issue still present for me (2.5.6 OpenBeta these records are fresh with current versions. I can also provide TacView Files but no trackfiles yet. Need to find out how to.
  13. Thanks for quick reply. just uploaded the rudder oscillation issue again. recorded this morning with current version (stable) not fixed if you ask me. ;) i will check out how to provide track files. I just recorded the TacView Files.
  14. Hey guys, since i am new to the forum but not new to DCS i would like to push this topic again. I have been facing this issue since the module was released and as far as i got it, it is still W.I.P. ?!? right? Due to several moments of beeing confronted with total loss of aircraft caused by this bug, i just did a test last days which still show the issue. (OpenBeta but also in with current stable version) i doulblechecked that i am not the only one facing this issue... That something is going to go very wrong can be seen as the Indicated Speed drops dramat
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