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  1. Followed A-10C real Manual and DIRECT Steering mod not working at all. Same BUG found on A-10C II. Manual says: HSI course deviation indicator indicates deviation from course computed by CDU from the aircraft position at the moment DIRECT was selected to the selected steerpoint; or, when DIRECT is the selected steer mode, the course from the aircraft position when a new steerpoint is selected to the new steerpoint. When 3D mode is selected, ADI glideslope indicator indicates vertical deviation from a line connecting the aircraft position at the moment DIRECT was selected, or a new st
  2. So its not W.I.P. as Title of this topic tells us: Or just lights are W.I.P.? "We have plans for improving" - plans to just do it, or plans what exactly need to be done or improved? Like if the standard hoose for first receiver will be finaly on the Right side, not left?
  3. +1 But, I think, this will be still long run, look at the date when I cerated post about same toppic: Posted February 25, 2016 https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/135771-improvement-of-refuel-tankers/
  4. MORE THAN 5 YEARS!!! STILL HAVENT SEEN ANY UPDATE. Tanker have still same three NAV lights (Green.Red, White), whithout any additional lighting to help receivers to maintain formation with and without Night Vision (as requested by pilot for peace/war conditions).
  5. Does anybody ask Khopa, if Moose A-A Dispatcher script can be included in? it would be a great addition to the generated missions and even better AI behavior of enemy fighters. I dont know how to contact him, so if any of you can, please ask him about this. Thanks https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Task_A2A_Dispatcher.html
  6. Updated Czech livery of "2500" and brand new "9801" available for download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315061/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315067/
  7. Hi Sniper, seems you very busy and very productive, it was pleasure to work with you on our small project of DCS MiG-21 490l wing tank model. Whish very best for you and your project, Im sure that it will found many fans inside DCS community and ED will one day found your module worthy to join our fleet.
  8. Same think with my mission to test SAM systems. More planes incoming in 5 mm sequences at different altitudes all with same speed. SA-6 Straight Flush radar switching from one target to another, but not firing at anyone. Think get little bit better, after I corrected SA-6 missile speed to finally able to reach its max speed of 2.8 Mach. (Now only 1.5)
  9. Starting this new Bug topic just to be sure, that previous ED fix is not a final fix, but they will continue to fix work, till its match real SA-2 capabilities and features. The Bug described here, in previous topic: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/253259-already-reportedsa-2-misses-100-of-the-time-due-to-lag-pursuit/ Reading this topic, its seems to me, that SAM (not just Russian) systems in DCS were forgotten in time and new ones are just copies of the old ones with just new 3D, but with same old very simple Lua Script coding, which is unable to handle any real feature
  10. AI aircraft fly through SA-6 WEZ at these alts 1000ft / 10 000ft / 20 000ft / 25 000ft and max 27 000ft. The top one could be just slightly above SA-6 ceiling. But all other shall be engaged.
  11. Created my own mission to better understand WEZ envelope of many SAM system, but SA-6 is not attacking an AI units. If so, than in only at some ideal conditions (slow speed,...) Most most of time launchers turn into target direction, but without action. SA-6 is fine when engaging Human player. Yes, I almost forgotten. Somebody from ED should look, how 3D model of SA-6 look like (original model from LockOn may be even older), and where missile engine flames are located (to much forward). SA-6_BUG.trk
  12. Hi, is that only me, that after a year I still experiencing CCIP Mk-82 Snake Eye impacts Long, like 20-30 meters? Hope that this will be fixed soon together with CCRP cues now bugged. M2C_CCIP-long_BUG.trk
  13. Still a BUG now after latest patch. Aileron when deflected fully to right is responding a little or not at all with sharp glitchy behaviour. It happens at speed 0.8 Mach and higher .... AND especialy when you pull stick only just a little - leads to aileron Locked. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
  14. +1 Enough of cheating on PvP servers through Score window. The option to hide it shall be in basic server setting in DCS, like jet wash.
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