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  1. Thanks for your quick answer but I didn't see JAM on the HUD and the targets were not jamming because in the mission I forbade the use of ECM for both of them. When I select TWS for one of the two targets, it works as expected and there is no jamming. What aircraft were your targets so I can do the same operation as you.
  2. In the DCS 2.7 release, the TWS2 radar mode for MIG 29S does not work. ON selecting the two targets in TWS2 mode, the radar shifts automatically in RWS mode. This is not the correct behaviour. This is a regression, because the TWS2 radar mode works properly in the DCS 2.5 release Has anybody come accross this issue?
  3. D2M on M 2000 C Hi I never could have the D2M operational on the M2K . When I switf the D2M to on, the D2M light goes blinking for heating but never turns to steady so the D2M is never operational. Have you ever come across this problem. Is ther some operation that I missed to do? Thanks for your help
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