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  1. Yes you're totally right. (e.gPrince Sultan Air Base even more south to Riyadh) But I suggest the map wouldn't be like a square or rectangle. Maybe a non-conventional shape will cover the area :)
  2. That would be AWESOME if it's technically possible. However, PG really lacks many important places, and this extension is really crucial. For example, Busheher Airport/Airbase which has been the main home of tomcats in Iran-Iraq war is not modeled now in PG. As well as large Kharg island which was one of the most "oil-wise" strategic battle areas in PG during the war. And another thing that really pisses me off in PG is its terrain texture. There are just soil and dirt everywhere with no plant cover at all. Compare it with Syria map. The texture shouldn't be too different. Best wishes for
  3. I appreciate your helps guys. @MAXsenna, I had to say that I was on fullscreen, so there wouldn't have been a prob with that. Ysiad, hopefully I could find a good camera setup for F1 view thanks to the controls you introduced in the link. Specifically, I had to move the camera down using Rshift+Rctrl+Num2 by 2~3 degrees, which is not too much and I can still see the front properly. But if raise my head upward too much, I would each the black threshold again, but that doesn't happen often. Best,
  4. Black screen (completely or blinking) Thanks for this great great module. I wanted to elaborate a bit on a bug or or my problem, which makes this beautiful bird almost non-flyable for me. I'm using trackhat as headtracker. When I get into cockpit, the display becomes black completely at many position of my head, let's say in 60% of the possible positions of head. When I zoom-in, this percentage increases, while when I unzoom, it decreases. When I unzoom a lot, only looking at the side views make the display all-black. I appreciate it if you could help me with this problem. Regar
  5. Roger Sajjad jan! DCS is so damn incorrect in whatever about Iran. They've not modeled Bushehr airport and even whole Kharq island!!!! And also about the skins as you said. You've provided us with the best skins could ever be built. Hats off, sir ;) P.S. You just posted it on my B-Day of last year :))
  6. I just bought Persian Gulf map, and got toooooo DISAPPOINTED in ED! Bushehr is one of the largest and most important Airports and Airfields of Iran. And with this map, in reality, there's no place modeled for the TOMCATS! This is seriously so ridiculous! ED MUST hear it, should there be some way to add the airport to the terrain at some point. P.S. This is how they modeled it!
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