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  1. Tell me how I get this set up on discord. Would greatly increase immersion.
  2. So have you figured this out? glide is not making any sense(I think he referring to two different buttons having the same action and not 1 button doing 2 actions)
  3. New sound is by far the worst ever. Previous sound was way better. Usually I could change the weapon sounds but now I'm totally baffled. Is there a tutorial somewhere I can check out?
  4. Human RIO can sort/change up target order even if its set to TWS-A. What really grinds my gears is when you at FL400 or higher and bandit is at sea level hot then Jester won't scan down to acquire the target. I have to do all the work to tell him to do that and loose precious time in the process. It's like he is completely incompetent with the radar. Even worse when the radar starts tracking friendlies off to the side then he won't recenter the radar to track the bandits coming in hot at our 12.
  5. Is there a way to fix the jammed flaps? I tried do a request repair on ground but it doesn't fix the problem and end up having to respawn into a new aircraft.
  6. The aircraft does not fully refuel when I am in the basket, I'll basically just fly forever with the total fuel staying at 11900lbs. I have refueling probe switch set to FUS EXTD because I don't have bags loaded. The aircraft will only fully refuel if I switch to ALL EXTD. So my question is, is this normal or a bug? Do I need to set the switch to ALL EXTD from the start?
  7. Is there a change-log somewhere? And where can I download previous versions? My IC keep failing with v6 and v6.1 no matter what I do. I really like this mod and don't want to stop using it.
  8. Have experienced this issue but not in the same way. In my case I noticed it only happens when I move the throttle from off to idle before letting the RPM reach at least 15%. This also happened in single player.
  9. I'm assuming you only get "NC-No proper communication" when on multiplayer? If that's the case then the mission designer has an "Air-boss" script running and you need to contact air-boss on appropriate frequency.
  10. 2 min google search would tell you CBU-87 is anti-personnel
  11. Please DO NOT CHANGE THE HUD. It is perfect. Check your gamma settings
  12. Helmet Mounted Sight Display systems has been a thing since the 80's
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