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  1. Yeah.. noticed the exaggerated glow again too. And the the glow also still clips through the wings. Also the -Position Lights Dimmer Control Knob- still has no function aside from ON or OFF. Just one "click" (mousewheel) from full OFF turns the position lights to full brightness.
  2. Just found the thread now. Yes all these things are correct and happen always. Case III Approach Time: Always at around 20 to 30 minutes. Even when there is no other flight in the stack. If there are other (AI) flights, I always get a time at around 30 minutes even when I arrive as the last one. AI flights fly their marshal all night long (arrived way earlier on lower angels, so they should commence before me) and even after I landed they might try an approach 10 to 15 minutes after me. When I strictly fly my pattern and approach time, most times they don´t land at all
  3. The big question is: Do we want to have a simulation or do we like to rely on imagination? If the latter is the answer, then we even don´t need deck crew at all. I like imagination, but I go with the first answer.
  4. ++1 especially arm and de-arm.
  5. Have them all turned off with Vaicom anyways.. very useful.
  6. The Legacy Hornets actually cannot expend CM with Master Arm off. So this would be a "correct as is".
  7. No offense but whenever something does not works as supposed, check ten times if you did everything right. There are bugs for sure, but most times it is an error by the operator rather than a bug. Whenever that happens to me, the first thing I do is to ask myself "What did I do wrong?"
  8. No offense buddy, but you pretty much answered your own question. The TGP range in DCS is at about 40 nm.
  9. For your second point: I made it part of my shut down procedure to trim them down to -11 so that it at least looks correct when the jet is shut down. Not realistic, but I didn´t like the look too
  10. +1K Take my money! Seriously, make it a 10 bugs add on like with the Hog if you own it already and a lot would be happy to buy it. And yes this would take development time for sure but on the other hand it would not be that intense like the A-10C II add on. Buildings, functioning run- and taxiways plus parking spots. As the most here know NAS Fallon is the home of Top Gun. I mean really c´mon.. how could it be that the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School is not part of the map?! Also NAS Lemoore is the home of FIVE carrier air wings!
  11. Using this for a long time now. Still works great but SP only! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303278/?sphrase_id=862222
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