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  1. I don't talk about third party development. With "I would do that" I meant paying for an add-on. I bit misleading there sorry.
  2. Night Mode/ Gain a bit down/ Contrast a bit up and maybe even the Symbology rocker a bit up. All preference of course and it differs if day or night. Then make that part of your startup.
  3. Yes we are aware. The whole point of this thread is to may change this approach. Especially by open the mind of earning even more money with this map by adding more texture to certain areas (that have low res texture, even not all of it) and give propper detail to three more airfields (Fallon/China Lake/Lemoore) that fit on the map. There is even no need to expand the maps geographical size. Imagine 50% (or even a bit more) of the owners of NTTR would pay 10-15 extra bucks for that add-on. And no need to build an new map for that. It is Dev time for sure, but compared to other things a l
  4. Yeah actually more excited for the S-3 and SH-60 rework than for the ready room. I also really hope that the ready room will not be hidden behind some encrypted code and will be customizable so that we can fit them for our squadrons. That would make it at least a bit useful.
  5. But why is that? Can you please explain why it is that limited? Why we cannot choose a ramp position on the boat like on the airfield. This was discussed here so many times but got never answered. The only answer is always that it is just not possible. But sorry that is a real bummer for the carrier and obviously many people struggle with it. I don´t want a book that goes into the depth of programming but a bit of a further explanation why this apparently never was a thing the development got in mind. So there are numbered positions (like at an airfield) in the manual and so o
  6. First of, this is just my opinion and I don´t own the Tomcat. But from what I´ve seen in many videos and streams I am very happy to not have this to me exaggerated shaking and rattling in the Hornet. When I see it I always think how annoying this would be for me. And the Hornet does not feel lifeless at all to me. Also fly her slow and high AOA in BFM and you will see her shaking and rattling a lot.
  7. 1. No TACAN set, thus no distance and no course line and BRC. 2. Lined up left. 3. Low af (this is actually why you do not see the ball). 4. Not on speed AOA. 5. Speedbrake out . 6. Wrong DDI setup (what for a valuable information do you think the EW page might provide you in the pattern or at any landing at all?). So pretty much everything in this picture is wrong. And we even cannot see the lower part and what the switches are set to (Flaps, Hook, Master Arm). Yes and except of No. 3 all of this has nothing to do with your complaint about not
  8. Yeah it is just a guess maybe. And I do not have reference yet. But just rethink this for half a second. In a logical point of view doesn´t day/night simply sounds like the same as what the day/night switch for the HUD does? Yeah and I know your answer already Ok thanks. Just to note. It is not perfect, but (at least with my mousewheel on a Logitech G502) it needs five"clicks" to turn the HMD on (and thus to the lowest brightness) from zero. Before that nothing happens.
  9. And what is the answer now after four month?
  10. It also works with having the Tarawa in the group. Sometimes when going from F1 to alt+F9 you suddenly appear on the Tarawa for some reason
  11. In the last couple of weeks I suddenly get WO calls without any reason and within a second before touching down. It´s like: "Hey Paddles, it´s too late, I cannot wave off anymore! What´s wrong with you?!"
  12. Ok something completely new.. I actually never used MSAA. But since I turned it on exactly this black flickering happens from time to time. Only while on the Deck of the Supercarrier. Nowhere else. And the thing is: I am a pancake user, only trackIR..
  13. Whataboutism at its finest Every single word if this is nonsense and adds nothing to this. I will never get why some fight so hard for not getting nice stuff. There are enough nay sayers to everything, thank you. To make it a payed add-on is the best way. There are definitely a lot who would love to pay for more airfields on the Nevada map. If you don´t want, then don´t buy it. Simple.
  14. Exactly this But no need to white out certain sections
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