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  1. After nearly 3 hours of DCS, i must say Smoothtrack is NOT good for a simulator : it works perfectly a couple of minutes, and suddenly nothing moves anymore. You have to turn the app off and on to recover. Bug? I dont know but this is clearly NOT the solution. When it works, it is very precise. What a pity. Always trust a TrackIR, and be patient : you'll have to tune it a lot of times considering your environment : lights (day, evening, night), interference caused by a window,...
  2. Hi there. I have both a wireless TrackIR (Grass Monkey Simulations, US made, bought on Ebay) and Smoothtrack. First of all, think of not having a window or light behind you. The IR tracking will be very difficult to work perfectly (this is quite obvious). My experience : i use the IR tracking for weeks, and it is not perfect at all : first of all you must have a full charged battery. When your battery is at 1.45 V instead of 1.5, you will have some trouble. So i have already had to replace it 2 times. Battery life in the IR track : around 10 hours! I believe it is not for all us
  3. Hello pilots! I have a problem with my X-56 HOTAS. Sometimes, my key bindings disappear. I have to setup all keys again. Not for all planes (this occurs especially with the MiG-19). It happens on some planes, sometimes, not every time i play. Does it happens when you plug another controller on the PC (i have a gamepad that i connect sometimes for another game) ?
  4. Hello there. I am looking for an android app that displays informations (cockpit stuffs) on a tablet. I am using MATRIC to have some switches/buttons, but i would like to have some informations more easily than in the bottom of the cockpit : especially in the MiG-21, some are poorly visible. I know that we can have RWR with some apps, but is it possible to have some more informations, like NPP course system and artificial horizon ? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Flappie, thanks for your advice. Unfortunately, i have tried this already, but the problem is still there. Is it possible to contact the developper team of the MiG-21?
  6. TY razo+r, i did a mistake in the installation folder "program files>EagleDynamics>..." instead of "saved games".
  7. Hello everyone. I play on the stable version of DCS. My first MOD to be installed is the MiG-31. But here is the problem : I have followed the instructions. I have the requested FC3 module. How to correct it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello Hiob, thank you for the good advice. I am not concerned but this can surely help a lot of people.
  9. Hello Bob1! I also love MiG-15, and i am very interested by the diveplanes soundmod. However, the author of the mod says that this doesn't work anymore with DCS 2.0 and above. Or maybe i didnt find the correct soundmod? Can you tell me? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello people! On some planes (mainly MiG-21) i have a bug for some liveries. An image "missing texture" replaces some images on external views. I think this occurs (also) with official liveries. What can i do to correct this bug? Here is an external view:
  11. Thanks for your answer Johnny, but i have found. I write the tip here for users : in the X56 software, you have to assign "bands" to the ministick, so it can move left to fight, up and down, like a mouse.
  12. I have found how to emulate mouse cursor. Thank you so much guys!
  13. Thanks for your answer, but i dont have any VR device, so i dont have UI LAYER section...
  14. Hello pilots! Is it possible to move the mouse cursor (called BDA cursor in DCS) with the X56 HOTAS? I would like to bind the "mini-stick" of my X56, but i dont know how. And i would like to be able to "click" also with the HOTAS. So we can stay on the hotas, and the keyboard is nearly useless. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello people. What is your use of the mini-sticks on the X56? There is one on the Throttle, one on the Stick. I can't bind it in DCS.
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