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  1. No longer for sale.
  2. No longer for sale.
  3. And the process doesn't look that bad at all...
  4. Ahh... Cloudflare... True. But there are other cases, where you can do a search on the address and/or phone number from the registrar's information. It doesn't work 100%, but you can definitely find something with the magic of Google's search engine to make a decision on the online store if its legitimate or not. A couple of searches for that website's phone number brings up results of scam calls. At the end of the day, you just have to trust your instinct. :dunno:
  5. Nooooo! I just saw your post... I ended up buying the Cougar flight stick off of eBay, and was planning to sell the base if its in good working condition. Buying it from you would of save me a lot of trouble to sell it... :(
  6. Just passing this along if anyone doesn't have a HOTAS Warthog yet, and looking to pre-order one for $403.58 with free ground shipping. :) https://www.shopblt.com/item/thrustmaster-hotas-warthog-flight-stick-throttle/w121_2960720.html
  7. Probably a reseller that claims to get products at wholesale price, and sells it at huge discounted price. From the looks of it, there many online stores that are similar to it. If you do a whois search on the domain name, you will find the provided registrar's information, and can do some research on it. You will eventually find out if the company is phony or not. :detective:
  8. Thanks sirrah! :) That definitely answered my question. Now to wait on Thrustmasters' response, or find a used Cougar grip :joystick:
  9. Hey everyone! Not quite sure if this has been answered yet, since I couldn't find the topic anywhere about it. I am looking to either use a Cougar/Warthog/F-16 add-on grip to the VKB Gunfighter Mk.III base. I know the Cougar grip is a relic, but I don't mind as long I can get one for a decent price. I read somewhere on the forum that someone was able to get Thrustmaster to sell them a replacement Warthog grip for $110 shipped, but I'm not quite sure that is the case anymore, since the F-16 add-on grip was just released? But for $190 shipped... That is almost close to the price of buyi
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