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  1. Yes it bait... Answer two simple questions for me: Why are airplanes loaded with radars whose specifications and operating parameters guarantee the detection of air targets at distances up to 160-300 miles? MiG-25/31 or F-14 also do not see and are not able to direct missiles at targets distant from them by 100-200 miles? Will you now prove that these planes are alien technology and that no Earth plane could and cannot do that? It just so happens that during the Cold War I had the opportunity to see differences in the size of objects detected by both early warning and a
  2. The effective range of the missiles is set by manufacturers in "medium" optimal conditions. What does it mean? That, depending on the conditions, it can be significantly shortened but also significantly lengthened. F-15C fighter flying on 50 000 feet altituda at speed Mach 2.2-2.5 firing AiM-120C to a target with an RSO of about 10-15 square meters, who flying 20 000 feet lower without maneuvering (bomber, heavy fighter) it can easily hit a distance of 80-100 miles. The same fighter will not see and no hit the target be 20 miles away with the same AiM-120 rocket if its RSO is less than 1 squ
  3. Something like this: 1998 year... little sonner than RAZBAM
  4. The last patches officially did not apply to the F-15C module. Even so, they broke the work of the radar in this module. If someone does not understand this, what can I do about it? The truth is that the last patch fixed what the previous ones broke. Although once again, it officially did not change anything about the F-15C module. Apparently, the coders don't really know what dependencies have developed over the years of changes between modules. Changing something in eg Mirage2000 simultaneously changes something else in other modules completely unconsciously. Today, the radar in the F-15C
  5. The radar in the F-15 does not work as it should, the rockets have ranges of 1/3 and 1/2 smaller than they should be, and someone is bothered by the inability to change the barometric altitude, without which you can fly and land without any problems for years, regardless of the weather. The F-15C is not an airplane that should fly over the ground or over mountain tops. And when landing in complete fog, ILS is sufficient.
  6. Nothing has been changed in the radar and AMRAAMs but the radar is suddenly blind and the rockets are useless ... somehow from two or three days ago, the last "minipatch" has "repaired" radar and rockets? I have idea - Maybe instead of writing that nothing has changed, check?
  7. You mean something broke in the last update? Something like recent problems with DCS stability or multiplayer servers in exchange for new clouds?
  8. I will not write the same again - that's why I will post a link. In fact, maybe I should write here right away, but I think that the problem is not the radar and rocket model itself, but the latest updates and patches that broke something in it.
  9. The fact that in DCS the radar in the F-15C module never reflected the real thing, I know from the time it came out But the last one year or so, it worked in an "acceptable" way. It detected targets the size of a bomber in favorable conditions at distances of 110-120 miles, fighters of the Su-27, MiG-25/31, MiG-23 at distances of 70-90 miles. Pretty good by DCS standards. The day before yesterday, yesterday and today detects nothing more than 60-70 miles. I wrote about rockets and the dependence of height and speed. For a few days now, it doesn't matter what altitude
  10. The real APG-63 radar in version (V2) with which the F-15C planes were equipped at the turn of 1990-2000, according to the manufacturer's data - Raytheon - allowed to detect a target with the RCS coefficient of 1 square meter from a distance of 145 km - 78 miles. The Su-27 has an RCS coefficient of approximately 15 square meters. A target of this size should be detected by this radar from a minimum distance of 170-180 km - 90-100 miles. Aircraft with a factor similar to the F-15 and F-14 - RCS 15 square meters to 25 square meters should be detected from 90-100 to even 150-160 miles.
  11. Yes, atomic bombs, laser cannons and, finally, a star destroyer on center pylon I suggest. <face palm for all this topic>
  12. So... many people on this forum is a kids... Thats all...
  13. Nahen

    What type of UFC

    New version UFC - LCD display is better for cockpits makers. Only one small LCD screen with keyboard its all for build this . But earlier version - red led displays is more climatic
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