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  1. After updating to latest stable version, I have noticed the following. -Can not put the throttle to IDLE by Rshift+Home (this started 2 days after the update) -Have a very blurry image when using TPod
  2. Thanks for your continued support Miguel. My case is the first one, which I have DCS logo frozen but when I ALT+TAB back to windows I can see the CMD and the text document of the flown mission results. So I save the Stats and generate the new mission, but when I kill and rerun DCS, the Briefing and the playable mission are actually the previous one, not the newly generated one. ====== My other question is, how do I prevent this DCS logo being frozen? Because sometimes CMS and does pop up in front of mission summary properly and I can click on END mission, no freezing issue.
  3. So I am basically stuck trying to run 2 successful missions. See the attached photo plz, You instructed that in case the CMD not pop up properly for saving the mission stats, and I had to forcefully exit DCS through TaskManager, I can run DEBUG_DebriefMission Bat file in Campaign folder in saved games folder and sort the debrief page for the next mission. When I run it, it shows the following error. First mission was passed successfully. ===== Does anyone have this issue that after you quit the mission a DCS banner is stuck on the display?
  4. For fixing the debrief page for the 2nd mission you mean? ====== I have regenerated a new campaign and it ran fine, at least for the first mission and the CMD page for saving the results came up without any hang or anything. Really not sure where the issue is. I might start my PC run the game and 2nd mission goes to hang and I can not save the stats and again have to forcefully quit DCS via TaskManager. What is the solution for this issue? is it a known issue?
  5. it is already set to true I must also add that the old issue which would happen after each mission is back. Again, when I quit the mission after I pass it and successfully land the viper, It brings up DCS demo picture and I have to forcefully go to windows to see the text document of the results and accept the stats through the CMD page. After I do that, I need to forcefully quit DCS through Task Manager as it is on a hang. When I load DCS again, the newly generated mission of the same campaign does not come up and the briefing is the same as the previous mission.
  6. Today I ran FirstMission.bat file to reset and regenerate a new campaign but now everytime I start a new mission my F-16 spawns in the same spot as another plane and we both end up crashing. Are there any cached file I have to remove?
  7. Beautiful, all sorted now. Thank you.
  8. Sup guys, I have just installed Viper Over PG and resolved all errors and issues by tips online and on the PDF, still there are some doubts about functionality of this Mbot which I hope to clear and understand by your help: 1-When I want to run the campaign for the first time, I need to start the FirstMission.bat file in Falcon Over PG in Saved Games folder and setup the campaign through the info I am given? Do I need to open this every time I want to open DCS and run the campaign or just the first time to generate the campaign. 2-Why sometimes after I close or finish the mission I am
  9. Ok I just came across Matt's video saying that in the first 2 minutes if INS Alignment we need to confirm LAT and Long by pressing Enter on them and making sure they are accurate. All sorted, sorry about this.
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. @Bunny Clark yes I have set MIDS LVT to on. @dundun92 mine guys even down to 6 and yet nothing happens in the HSD. I forgot to also mention that Steer Points also do not show, the ETA to next STPT or anything. I just have to manually change to the next STPT and yet it never shows the steer point cue on the hud or the ETA.
  11. Hey guys, I have just literally finished F 16 lessons and I am a complete newbie. It is weird but in some missions HSD does not show awacs's data although I could see there is at least one AWACS in the mission. I do start up according to tutorials available online and I do let INS alignment reaches the RDY level before I move the jet. Then I set it to NAV take off and yet there are no AWACS data relay. Now here is the interesting point: When I fly missions from Instant Action, AWACS input data is available on HSD but when I try Campaigns or Single Missions, it wont work. Am I
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