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  1. Hello, sorry for the time of my answer, I have a problem in the M-2000C campaign, as you can see at the top of the conversation, in the first mission, we don't here any voices and we can not read what is the leader supposed to say.I'm indeed, in the last OB 2.5.6 version, but I tried it on Stable and it doesn't work neither. Thank for your help
  2. Hello Baltic, I've looked at your interview with CasmoTV, and I've found it super interesting. I understand the problems you can have with DCS patchs that can change a lot of things. I wanted to ask you if you had some little time to fix this problem with the absence of the voices and script lines in the Mirage 2000C Caucasus Campaign. Thank you for your campaigns but also for your proximity to the community!
  3. Yes, I tried the mission after reinstalling the game and tried a lot of settings, but i can never hear the leader or even read what he is supposed to say. Thank you for always answering. ( Loved Raven One Campaign )
  4. Hello Baltic Dragon, I was playing for the second time the M-2000c Caucasus campaign to relearn the jet, but in the first mission, when i turn both radios on, i don't hear my leader (i have easy comms on and radio volumes to maximum), i tried restarting my game and repair it but i'm still stuck. Can someone know how to fix it ?
  5. Hello guys, do you think that the campaigns of the old A-10C like Red Flag or The Enemy Within 3.0, will be playable with the new one ? Cause campaigns are allways a good way to learn deeply a module and are also very important for Solo Community
  6. Ok thank you very much, i will play the red flag campaign for waiting.:megalol:
  7. Hello guys, i have recently bought the mirage and i started the caucasus campaign. In the first mission, my leader never gets out of his bunker because a humvee is blocking him. I tried to restart the game and i even reinstalled the game, but i'm still having this issue. Can someone know what to do ?
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