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  1. i know i got it iknow igot it ok done it
  2. i wish i did not But i got bad feeling about release date . my better half just laughs and says july/august u will c. I wish they would let us know one way or the other ,we will still get/buy it, And like the fellow previous said it is geting gut wrenching now loging on to the download site only ta c the release date gone........... my stomach drops so low with every logon .HELP SOMEBODY MAKE A STATEMENT..
  3. Is it possible that the addon is finished but there are some legal issues to do with repercussions from ubi to make sure there is none or with the rights from ubi /or simply cash flow probs.
  4. i would definetley say yes to playing in 2 years and more. but security will be just like it is now some one will always find a way around things
  5. .. SO WHAT U ARE SAYIING is that if a person used some other cracked software not a game but possi music then starforce will relay that back and if you got one of the old cracked games\or photoshop or a dvd then you will be listed as a possible user of cracked software. Well then dont do the crime if you carnt pay the fine. dont want to cause trouble but we want the addon released... In 2 years it wont even matter about this what edis protecting, it will be trivial when you look back its the same every where regarding info data collecting its the natural evolution of big brother me
  6. . I understand the concern about additional activations, but it sounds to me that it won't cost anything should you have to contact Starforce to get another five activations. Release the damn addon ED!!!!!! :lol: If that is how it works then i think that is fine as long as when ive upgraded and can contact to get the addon runing i dont have anyprobs but if i upgrade and they aint there or they dont keep records then it is useless what about people like kids who dont have acsess to internet and upgrade like bedroom pc dad puts better cpu in and card and his sim is screwed . or the
  7. starforce If after the five time register and ive upgraded my computer and then need to register it again if aslong as i got say printed proof or personel proof and then can go online and registrer again proveing i payed then ive no probs buying. But deepdown i suspect most everyone who uses flight sims fully intend to upgrade in the future first to go for people with highend systems will be a mobo ghange to acomodate cpu advances and id say that is 40% . I have an xp3500 on a asus a8v deluxe got it 2 month ago with the x800 pro now my ram is only ddr400. so come jan 2006 i will want
  8. upgrades So far in last 2 years i have iupgraded my pc 5 to 6 time adding diffrent things from a single ide drive to 2 ide then to sata and on to sata raid with 4 drives. I have changed power supplys to match mobo upgrades and cpu upgrades and ram 3 times and graphics card at least 4. and as better stuff comes out i fully intend to upgrade again. i sell my old stuff and i have plenty off people willing to buy it from me (a bit like good cast offs. But if 3 times is limit i then predict that me personelly will get about 8 months to 1 year of play out of the addon then they wont recognise
  9. if this is case i aint bying 1.1 if the 3 times limit is on then the download is crap for me . i have re formated my machine 2 times since christmas already. so i guess i wont be buying it . if it leads to triojans and viruses then my norton will of not been money well spent at all s. .this as really P******d ,,f****k me off (ALL THIS WAITING) and now this why dont he use normall protection like STEAM JEES it is only an addon. if we have to keep the cd in to play well that means you will eventually scratch it beyond repair and have to buy lockon again . i know i got 2 copies alread
  10. one word we want more please or please sir may i have some more :supz:
  11. Do you think the Russian community is being given information that you "English speaking folks" are deprived of?. I dont think that is the case fat all . what i am saying is if they were estimates then say they are estimates. a release date were i live is what it means . if you said estimated then we would understand that any ways why say december then january then 1 more week . just say when it is going to be out or did you do that already . 3 times
  12. bflagg, that is my point, when they tell us it is to be released such a day/time and then it is not for some reason , Then we are all piged of especially after 3 months and 3 dates. I think it much better to be told say 1 week before a launch . And then the forum is still clued up and special place . and then we know for definite. We still will be sent progress of the sims development, If they refrained from saying a date . No one is let down. just tell us the day before the downlink goes up or it hits the shop. the game progress and devlopment can stlill be relayed to our foru
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