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  1. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.
  2. We (SPQR squadron, formerly the competitive division of 141) have launched a new PvP server: SPQR Colosseum PvP Lots of ground objectives, including moving AI tank groups that battle each other, a damaged and retreating submarine on the surface, an outpost with mobile TACAN, and others. The server is on very powerful hardware, so no worry about lag. It is located in Chicago, Illinois and has 1GB internet (both up and down). Our Tacview is done by user, so each player will have a tacview of only their server sessions and it is available on Google Drive
  3. The release notes mention Flak as part of the new Fire at Point settings (barrage); however, no matter the setting, the Flak guns will not fire unless there is an enemy aircraft within their range. The point of "barrage" is to flood the skies without requiring an enemy.
  4. Hello @ElementLT, is this still being developed/supported? Does v1.2 have fixes for the issues raised above? Thanks! This looks really interesting.
  5. The Fire at Point works with other AAA, but not with Flak...would be awesome to get this bad boy into the mix.
  6. This is unfortunate...I have a mission with lots of flak and was really hoping to get barrage to work.
  7. Is this related to the memory leak issue? We have just uninstalled LotATC on the Growling Sidewinder server as precaution.
  8. I am an admin for the Growling Sidewinder servers and our clients are seeing the same spike. We have been trying to diagnose serious lag issues that started 3-4 weeks ago. We also have E-3 with EPLRS turned on. For the time being, we have removed all ground and static units from the mission and the lag has improved significantly. However, I wonder if this EPLRS issue is also part of the issue.
  9. Here are some errors in the slmod log (user info redacted): 923.304 SLMOD WARNING: { [1] = "pvp", [3] = "kills", }index: 2 923.304 SLMOD WARNING: Key not found, trying to write value: { } 924.374 SLMOD WARNING: runDeathLogic Failed on: { [1] = { ["initiator"] = { [1] = { ["coalition"] = "blue", ["name"] = "XXX", ["ucid"] = "XXX", ["id"] = 15, ["ip"] = "XXX:XXX", }, }, ["shotFrom"] = "FA-18C_hornet", ["rtid"] = 16778767, ["time"] = 29678.886, ["target"] = { [1] = { ["coalition"] = "red", ["name"] = "XXX", ["ucid"] = "XXX", ["id"] = 2, ["ip"] = "XXX:XXX", }, }, ["unitName"] =
  10. Hello, I have recently joined the support team for a very active DCS public server and we are having issues with our statistics tracking database. Unfortunately, the original admin that setup everything is no longer available to help and our team trying to reverse engineer what was setup. We have SLmod (v7.6) running on the server and a SQL Server database with an "allevents" table that seems to be getting all of the events from SLmod, with Power BI reports giving our players a view into their stats. We are not sure how the SLmod events are being written to the database
  11. I am creating a MP mission with a Red FARP that starts with Red spawn points. I would like to have Blue players be able to spawn on the FARP after Blue takes control of said FARP. I created both Red and Blue SA342s (start on ground hot) on the FARP as Clients, with the Blue clients as "Late Activate". My tigger for "COALITION HAS HELIPAD (BLUE, FARP)" does the following: GROUP DEACTIVATE (Red Group of SA342s) GROUP ACTIVATE (Blue Group of SA342s) However, after the FARP has been captured by Blue (which I've confirmed with messages), a client
  12. Has anyone tested the results using different settings? I'm interested in what would be best in different scenarios. The difference between Small and Norm is 4nm. Does this mean that the missile has less time to correct terminal guidance, or does it mean it's more deadly because it was guided by the AWG-9 for 4nm longer?
  13. @BIGNEWY I just applied all of the settings as you suggested (Nvidia, DCS, and SteamVR) and I am getting 90 FPS with frame times around 10-11ms. Thank you!!! I was having so many issues and this helped a lot. One question that...I noticed that you pretty much disabled all AA. Is this by design, or would you suggest using some AA? And if so, where (DCS MSAA, Nvidia MFAA, etc)?
  14. I am very interested in this topic. I just got the G2 and I am not impressed given my system: EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Intel i7 107000k 64 GB RAM I am getting (at best) about 50FPS, but the frame-times are not great. I am going to mess around with various settings later today to try and find the sweet spot.
  15. I ended up doing the following: Each plane has a Mission Goal that awards 5pts to the other side if they die Red and Blue each have a Flag that operates as the score (Blue Flag-1, Red, Flag-2) The "Flag Captured" triggers have an action to increase the appropriate Flag by +20 There are five Mission Goals for each side: "1 Flags Captured" +20pts FLAG EQUALS 20 "2 Flags Captured" +40pts FLAG EQUALS 40 ... "5 Flags Captured" +100pts FLAG EQUALS 100
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