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  1. Hello, I love this MOD thank you ! Same question as here : Hight Digit Sam Log errors I found the following errors in the log file When I'm deleting the add_surface_unit(GT) line in the "...\Database\Sensors\" Directory Lua files the errors disappear in the log file! Does it have any influance ? Thank's. Attached the modified files. EWR_1L119.lua EWR_55Zh6U.lua EWR_P_37.lua GenericEW.lua
  2. Hello, First of all, thank you for this wonderful MOD. Now my question : When i'm looking the the logfile in : ...Saved Games\DCS\Logs if found the following lines And in High Digit SAMs\Database\Vehicle\radar the following files ended with the line : add_surface_unit(GT). When I delete these lines there are no more errors ! Does it have any influance ? Thank's. PS : The other files in this directory dont have this add_surface_unit(GT) line. Attached the modified files. 64H6E S-300PS SR Trailer.lua 30H6 S-300PS TR Trailer.lua 40B6MD S-300PS SR Mast.lua 40B6M S-300PS TR Mast.lua
  3. You can't add more flyable planes in FC2 the SFM are limited, it is not a sandbox like DCS. The only thing you can do is replace an existing flyable plane by changing his 3D model and it's a hard work. The best thing to do is to find some mod's like ADA on lockonfiles and see how they have done the job. PS : I remember that there is a Mig-29K FM in FC2 that is not used.
  4. Vu que tu changes pas mal de matos, une réinstallation complète sera sans doute nécessaire (par conséquent une perte d'une clé d'activation pour chaque produit). Tu peux toujours essayer de récupérer les clés dans le registre en les sauvant avec Regedit mais pas sûr qu'elles vont fonctionner. Une fois le jeu installé et enregistrer, tu peux copier l'ancienne version de ton DD à la place de celle installé (garde la version nouvellement installée dans un autre répertoire. on ne sais jamais). Ceci t'évite la mise à jour sur le net. Dans le répertoire "mes parties enregistrées" se trouve un répertoire DCS avec tes paramètres de config. Récupère ce dernier de l'ancienne version et remplace le nouveau.
  5. Found this on the WEB Do someone have more information about Mirage III in vietnam ?
  6. 2 things to do : - in ...\Scripts\Database\Troops\A-10C\ or ...\Scripts\Database\Troops\Ka50\ (for shopper squadron) edit the countrie.lua where you wish add your squadron. Add a line with your squadron name, it should be something like this : -in ...\MissionEditor\data\images\Countries\Countrie\Troops Add the picture of the squadron in PNG format. The size must be 128x128 pix. in my example 1-RHC_EHM1_DRAGON.png is the name of the picture For more stuff look here : Add Countries
  7. Go to : ...\Scripts\Database\Troops\Ka50 Edit : Name_of_countrie.lua file for example : 'Centri Lion' is the name in the logbook 'Centri Lion.png' is the Squadron picture located in : \MissionEditor\data\images\Countries\Name_of_countrie\Troops\Ka50 For more information look this mod: Add countries, squadrons and medal for DCS World
  8. It'll be september the 31th for sure... :music_whistling:
  9. you have a error in description.lua you placed the same texture file (tail) at both positions tail and nose.
  10. Some Links I used. - This is my main source for insignia ranks : Uniform Insignia - Medals : Medals of the world For the moment, i will not add any more countries (if someone create all the necessary stuff, i'll add it). Waiting to see how DCS will grow, new maps, skins. This pack is for DCS that mean it will work with all DCS modules so far db_countries.lua will not change.
  11. Thank You. This is a good example of what is needed to complete the pack. I added the pictures in the pack see message #1 I take the opportunity to give an example of a addon pack that will complete the countrie with troops and awards - For troops there is no problem you can overwrite the existing files. - For awards you have to edit db_countries.lua and add some lines. I don't continue to update the FC2/BS1 pack. You can use the pack below. DCS-China.rar FC2-China.rar
  12. Yes, between the 2 games db_countries.lua has changed. The FC2/BS1 version is Here
  13. Update Message #1 - Added some squadrons - Corrected the position of the last 2 flags in Logbook. - Added/corrected somes planes in countries. You can use the following skins if you edit the description.lua - Su-25T Hungary : Edit the description.lua and change the line : countries = {"HUN",} - F/A-18 Pack : Place the Finish skin in the F/A-18c folder the others are F/A-18a - Ka-50 Polish Army Fictional 49Psb : Edit the description.lua and change the line : countries = {"POL",} - Ka-50 JGSDF : Edit the description.lua and change the line : countries = {"JAP",}put it to the right country. Look in db_countrie.lua - Ka-50 Swedish Army : countries = {"SWE",} There are many other skins from BS1 but they have to be converted. There are many A-10C skins you can use you have to edit the description.lua. Look the message #11 on top to see how.
  14. Just an idee to investigate. Search how smoke pods are working
  15. Update #1. Thank You Edit : The attached Skin is no more working since ED changed the F/A-18 3D model Concerning skins : - You can open Add on - db_countries.lua to see witch countrie short name to use. - For example : -- look for the line : country(_("Czech Republic"), "Czech Republic", "CZE", "Czech.png", 56, units, -- CZE is to use in description.lua for Czech Republic skins - Here is an example of Jack's F/A-18A Switzerland skin extract the folder and place it to \Bazar\Liveries\f_a-18c look in description.lua to see the country. Add_FA-18A_Swiss_AF.rar
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