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  1. Ok. They appear to have fixed that waypoint issue in the update. They don't seem to go back to waypoint one, and I found the the command to advance waypoint. AI behavior regarding sam threats is also apparently improved. They obey the command to evade fire only, and don't hit the deck if SAMs are present.
  2. I've been getting into mission editing in a big way, for me at least. But I've been limited by problems i can't find answers to. Number one, waypoints and wingmen. I'll set up a strike mission with multiple targets for my flight. I'll have some set aside for me at a second waypoint. Works. But It has to be waypoint 1, or when i tell them to attack mission target, they all go right back to waypoint 1 and proceed from there. I'm trying to figure out how to advance the waypoint after I have passed it, so that when I detach them for their strike, they'll do it from that point. It would also b
  3. Thanks. I won't waste time trying to make it work.
  4. I'm trying to find out if the IR mav is bugged at night. I can't get it to lock on target at night, and I am using the same proceedures as I do in the day to lock it up. Is it bugged, or am I doing something wrong and it works for others?
  5. I'm trying to see if there is a known bug regarding IR Mavs at night. Specifically I've had trouble at night with them not wanting to lock up a target. Both in the F18 and now in the AV8. In the day, no troubles. But at night, won't work. I looked on the internet, but didn't find anything on this issue. I do recall seeing an article somewhere mentioning it.
  6. I've been working with the mission editor on making bombing runs. I've finally managed to get a wingman to actually drop. He only bombed one target out of four, but progress. But one problem i have is when I tell them to execute mission and rejoin. They immediately want to start over and go to WP1 and follow the whole route. I'm not sure if there is an editor issue there, or just idiot AI that don't understand we're on top of the target. Any help with this?
  7. I'm getting better at at making missions where the wing men will do tasks. Though the really get wonky in AAR. I had two of the 18s go for the boom, with predictable results, when I told them to refuel. What I can't figure out is commanding wingman 4. no option. An example mission as a distant strike mission on an airbase. I was loaded up to go for the runway itself, 2 was set up for SEAD, 3 was set up for a strike on a building though he didn't drop, and I wanted four for air defense and a couple more HARMs. But I had no ability to issue orders to him except by ordering all, then quickly d
  8. I know about the A/A WP, from learning what they were talking about regarding Rock. It is unrealistic, since it would be easier to call out a bullseye, and have the plane localize that on SA. The AWACS would have to find you, then determine your position relative to the bogey for a BRAA. And a BRAA call doesn't help any other flights, and can confuse them as to who has the BRAA. A Bullseye provides the exact same information to everyone, who can then use SA to see if it is relevant data to them..
  9. Interesting. It sounded like the AI using Rock calls. Changed the range and bearing to match what I saw on my SA and radar. Supposedly, when I had to hunt down WTH a Rock call is, F-18s don't have easy access to Bullseye and use Rock calls. I guess it is just the AWACS directly talking to me in my mission.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to get my AWACS to use Rock and Bullseye callouts, such as in Raven One. So far I haven't a clue. I even dissected a mission to try and find an answer to this.
  11. Thanks. I actually did look both here and on Youtube, but found no answer. I had originally mistaken his F8 for a key command, rather than ground crew command. And yeah, I had long thought it odd we could have both at the same time.
  12. Did we lose NVG during this update? It isn't the end of the world, as I usually don't use it in flight. Mostly I use it to see the guy directing me onto the launcher. At night, I can barely see his hands moving.
  13. To be honest, I wonder if the devs WANT the harpoon to be useless. Let's face it, I understand they are Russian. And there is a nice rivalry between US and Russia about each other's equipment. But one fact you can't ignore. The USN would not have kept the Harpoon if it was useless. They know exactly how capable it is, and still want it. They didn't develop a sea skimmer because they couldn't do anything better. And these harpoons should be flying lower than they are. Under fifty feet.
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