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  1. You need to turn the Course/CDI knob to match the final approach course shown on the approach plate. Generally it's the magnetic heading of the runway, but not always. The vertical line on the HSI is the localizer CDI (Course Deviation Indicator), and the horizontal line is the glideslope indicator.
  2. Likely bird strikes. For a while I had bird turned up to max, and experienced engine failures fairly often (usually on take-off). After turning birds off, they went away entirely.
  3. Depending on the seat size of the chair, there is no reason why you can't have the stick base just below the seat, and the extension extend above it. It's helpful to have a curved extension like the VKB 200mm extension though. I have this setup in my monstertech sim rig, but there is no reason you can't have a similar geometry with the desk mount and office chair.
  4. I have thousands and thousands of hours of helicopter time in real life, with close to 3000 hours of that being the Huey family, so I think I can speak on this. I fly mostly planes in DCS, and save most of my helicopter flying for real life. That said, I do occasionally fly the Huey in DCS, so I spent some time messing with my Gunfighter III to try to get it as close to the feel of a real helicopter as possible. This is with the 200mm extension, which I think is critical. With the extension the range of movement is very close to real thing. First thing I tried was no springs, and no d
  5. The way fire suppression system works is that the you select the suspected engine with the T-Handle. This does a few things, including arming the fire bottles, shutting off fuel, etc. Once you have the T-Handle pulled, you can select either fire bottle, and it will discharge into the engine elected via T-Handle. If the fire does not extinguish, you can then fire the second bottle and it will discharge into the same engine. If you have a dual engine fire, you need to push the T-Handle back in, and pull the other engine. You can then fire the second bottle into the other engine.
  6. They are pretty draggy bombs, so they will have a pretty vertical path. Much different than a JDAM.
  7. I may be wrong, but if you have your TGP laser set to LATCH, it won't shut off after impact? I thought that was only in AUTO mode. Is there any chance you have burned out your laser? After extended use, the laser will only remain on for a couple seconds regardless of what mode you are in, and you need to repair/replace the TGP to fix it.
  8. Depending on the type of controller, you may be able to bind it to an axis, sort of. I have the landing gear binded to the from right extra axis on my throttle. In the Virpil software I set the top and bottom 20% of the axis travel to export to virtual buttons, and the assign those buttons to the landing gear up and down. No reason you could not do the same with speed brake. You would not have finite control over speed brake position (not sure if this is what you are looking for), but it should potentially work as a "Bang-Bang" switch.
  9. This has been my attack pattern with laser rockets recently. If you time it right, and set your inbound angle so it's easy to slew to the next target, you can engage multiple targets with APKWS in the same pass. If they are soft targets like trucks, you can transition to a 3rd target with guns while the 2nd target is being lased. I was doing a SP mission, and there was a group of trucks being protected by ZSU 23. I fired a mav from 8 miles to kill the ZSU, fired a APKWS at 5 miles, and then another at 4 miles to destroy two trucks, then had enough time to gun run 3 other trucks wile the
  10. I ran into a similar issue when trying to edit the campaign mission to use the A10C II. I can't play as RED with the new plane, which is disappointing.
  11. A 2000lb laser-guided bomb works fine. Drop it from above the engagement range of the guns, and then you can finish off the ships with the GAU-8.
  12. Just open each campaign mission in the editor, and change your plane to the A-10CII. I have started playing through the campaign with the II. It's amazing how much easier it is with the HMD.
  13. It's almost certainly that you had the laser on before you launched. There is a bug where if you drop a 54 with the laser on, the bomb will just fly way past your target. If you laze 15 second or so before impact (I turn it on as it passes through 20 seconds), it seems to hit no problem.
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