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  1. I subscribed to discord topic (link on Forum) there's constant update
  2. Hi! I'm writing in the name of polish 100 PLMB - We all (there's about 20 active pilots of us) are very interested in progress of work over MiG-23MLA. May I ask for short update? When may we expect these amazing plane in DCS?
  3. The only problem I have with MiG-15bis is lack of real playground. I live in Europe, so It means that Korea 1952 is for me a kind of desperation. It's empty anyway so we (there's 2 of us, and others are learning) fly Blueflag Coldwar instead, but it's A2G playground mostly. Bad place for MiG 15bis between F5E, AV8B, and lot of Chaprals... We're hungry for combat, but most of the times there's no place to play. Two sewers and both mostly empty
  4. It's a perfect plane for learning purposes. And it will fly properly if ... you will fly him properly. I never use any curves - except of rudder. I admit - my pedals aren't impressive an 15% smooth is necessary. Every other curve stays default. L-39 flies perfectly. I recommend "C" variant , because it feels much lighter while aerobatic. Is very proper in most cases, except of spin - there's unsymmetrical. By good weather you can trim your aircraft so, that F-18 flying nearby will think that you have an autopilot. With my best regards 303_Kermit
  5. If i have to bomb on MiG 15 i use Vertical dive Ju87 Stuka style I workes quite well. Start on 1800m. Aproach your target so, that he slides alongside your canopy. Turn throttle off. When target hides under the wing start to roll. Engage pull to vertical dive exactly over target. Dive shall be about 80°. Place the crisshair under or on the targer. Just before drop pull gently to place a target on the bottom of crosshair circle. If you use zoom 75% as normal drop your bombs when you start to see details of the target (if you can say that it's a Vehicle or a Canon, or a Rocket launcher).
  6. MiG 15 two ship flight. Combat ready. Europe, Germany ... What's "Special label" ??? Some kind of skin? Me and my wingman are flying MiG 15 exclusively. (with the exception for L39C for training purposes).
  7. I am (and my wingman) flying exclusively on MiG 15. If you want a comparison: -MiG 15 has a lot better engine. It climbs and accelerates way better than F86. Climbing in spiral is better on MiG under every climb speed and angle. -MiG 15 has lot more problems while being in dive. Aeroelastic behavior starts quite early and doesn't allow to pull hard, by Ma 0,91-0,92 it's just straight fight possible. And it's not easy -F86 seems to have ability to turn tighter, while loosing a lot of speed in turn. Mostly It stays inside turn radius of MiG 15, but the longer you stays in turn the worse fo
  8. Me myself with my wingman were waiting yesterday for I think an hour on Korea 1952 with hope, that somebody show up. We're flying Blueflag coldwar PG almost everyday on MiG-15. It's sometimes nerve wrecking experience I must say, but it's never boring. Also Pings are much better for us, since we live in Europe. So... We hope to meet some experienced F86 Pilots over PG in Blue Flag campaign. With my best regards 303_Kermit
  9. Quite annoying bug actually. Also the switch shall be "spring loaded"
  10. I know that it won't help and it's annoying, but ... by me it works just fine.... You set something wrong pal.
  11. The idea is quite simple. Just like IR, radio waves are kind of electro-magnetic wave. It's just a different wave length. If you design a rocket homing on IR signature, you can design a rocket homing on radio(radar) wave signature. It's just different wave length. Idea is just the same as for fox 2 rockets. Only source of signature is different.
  12. R27P /EP Passive Radar (Fox2 ?) R27 EA /EM Fox 3 type R27 Cause all i see in the air is F16/F18 ... booooring....
  13. Thank you very much guys! may I ask what about my two other requests regarding L39? 1. J.P.T Test swich - working incorrect 2. tripple gauge in instructor cockpit?
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