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  1. I try to spam devs - so they remove at least the "dots" from the glass. I don't know why ED/ or Letherneck tries to make players life a misery by adding effects that 50% of players doesn't want to have
  2. Watch the film carefully, and expecially the second part where speed exceeds 700km/h. It's a Lim-2 with 2x400L aux tanks. Wings aren't bent after flight, and stick moves easily. Compare these 50 year old plane with DCS MiG15. Seems for me that acuracy of forces on the stick is nowhere near, or the pilot is Arnold Schwarzeneger. I love the part when pilot rolls left 270°, by 700km/h. In DCS by that speed MiG feels already "hard" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw5cBohUs3U&t=566s
  3. It doesn't work (not for me at least). The other reason is I'm bit afraid of being banned or even accused of cheating.
  4. +1 It's some kind of sick fetish - to have dirty, possibly most obstructed windshield. Some guys seem to be turned on by dirt. I get it, it's different. One has to understand it. Is it possible to have it as an option somewhere: "I'm turned on by dirt - please make my canopy all dirty and messy" - so the rest of us can turn it off?
  5. Good job guys. DCS needs better modelled russian planes and rockets. Currently most MP server setup looks like: Red side F-**/F-** Blue side F-**/F-**. But someone thinks that all we miss is F-15E... Great! Now it makes sense. I'd like to play someday on MP Server in some Su or MiG of modern era... Currently there are russian planes of '80 vs NATO planes of '2000.
  6. Doesn't work for me. I installed it but I have problems. I tried a path: X:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Mig-21_CP\Clear Glass English X:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Mig-21_CP\Clear Glass_English X:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Mig-21_CP\Clear Glass - Engllish X:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Mig-21_CP\Clear Glass X:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Mig-21_CP\Clear Glass - (English or Russian) None of them worked for me, also I don't want to get banned on PvP servers, so i capitulated. Flying MiG 19 is easier
  7. Look. Before every flight a windshield was carefully cleaned by technician. And pilot could even smelled it, cause the liquid was Ethanol based - Alcohol. Of course - on lower altitudes it happens the same as on car windshield - insects, but that's not specific for MiG21 - it happens jus as well in F22 or MiG29. I can live with reflections (reflections - not a painting sticked to the perspex) on windshield, but there is no argument for dirty windshield, except of course some strange fetish of some minority. It's not helping in flight nor it's realistic. And one more thing: look at the Video. while flying thrugh clouds - in low light conditions there are no reflections. In DCS that's actually otherwise - the biggest reflections you become while flying under 10/10 cloud cover, when there's absolutely no explanation to them. It adds nothing to the game, just annoying. If you like to have dirty windshild feel free to take a marker and paint some dots on your screen. Don't spoil a game for other 50% of players (roughly saying - one can make a pool among MiG21 users (and I mean MiG21 users not ED forum users)... I'm posting here on berhalf of 100wPLMB and 9PLM-about 20 guys. None of them want to lose nerves by reading about these strange dirt-fetish. Me neather. Currently I fly MiG19 instead of 21, just because of these. I wish I bought these crapy MiG21. I feel cheated.
  8. It was allready done. However there are 5 persons who like to have a shit on a windshield, so magnitude made a windshield dirty back again. Look here:
  9. I see there's a group of "Dirt-Windshield-Fetish-Society". I can understand... Dirt turns you on guys. It's ... Different... but look there's a group of guys who has "standard preferences". I just become reply for my req, that MiG21 windshield is dirty because of you. Shit... I shall start such topic for F16 since I don't fly one "Please make the windshield of F16 just as dirty as the one F16A from the museum I saw in sommer these year! It's not realistic to have clean, unobstructed visibility. I can understand that there are guys who like to fly DCS wirthout shooting once and "just enjoy the feeling" but in PvP these dirty windshield is worse thing than having a broken radar. I watched a movie placed here. I see reflections appear and disapear. In DCS they are just sticked to the perspex. It looks hidious in 2D when you move a head front and back. It looks even worse in 3D. Like a some strange painting on a perspex. Reflections depend on light , and camera lenses or filters, look here: one more thing. Look how clean a windshield of combat ready planes is. Even the old ones. Bare in mind that a plane in second film is quite old already, and still look how clean it is (especially around periscope). Please make reflections and dirt (especially dirt) optional. PS... second film from 2:40... till the end. It's amazing.
  10. It shall work like the man says I think...
  11. L-39C single seater, Rockets S-5KO (2xUB16) aren't firing. Same thing happens in "Instant Action" Cold Start - if you try to arm L-39C in 2xUB16, rockets won't fire. Update... actually only "old" planes (created some 3 weeks ago) aren't shooting. If I set on AF (in the same mission) a new one it works perfectly. 100P_PLMB_20_07_21bis.miz
  12. I flew years ago as passenger in TS-11 training jet. Since i just become "3-rd class glider pilot" - I thought that I know everything about flying. I was amazed that pilot made turns only using just ailerons. In glider you start a turn from a "leg" . Rudder - aileron always. "It's not a glider son" I heard Wingspan is much smaller also ailerons movement is asymmetrical. If you want to study the reasons they are all here: Roskam "Airplane design vol.6" Roskam "Airplane dynamics and performance" Anderson "Aircraft performance and design" Torenbeek "Synthesis of subsonic airplane design" and: Bernard Etkin "Dynamics of flight - Stability and control" @SMH - All has good reasons. Complement all Info needed - than produce a post. Experience in arcade sims is not enough. It's not a War Thunder
  13. Reported many times: here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/268903-de-syncronization-between-front-and-back-cockpit/?tab=comments#comment-4634370 here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/261279-desync-bug-l-39c-multicrew-desync/?tab=comments#comment-4624503 ... and probably somewhere else With my best regards 303_Kermit Seems that guys don't have time for a little L39.
  14. My wingman just sunk a frigate on Blueflag Coldwar being armed in 4xS24B (on Su25). He shoot all the ordnance - Frigate (unknown type) vaporized. We were actually SEAD , but those bastard blocked the way so we tried our luck
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