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  1. What I would like to know is how far Eagle is taking the visual aspect of multicrew. If I take the Tomcat for example, the multicrew visual aspect is amazing, you can see the pilot/rio looking around like in real life. And when you compare it to the Huey where the visual aspect consists out of a very basic looking human pilot looking straight ahead, left or right.. When I take someone up I have no idea where exactly he's looking at. I really hope Eagle will try to surpass HB in this matter..
  2. All I know officially is what's been said in the first newspost from this year: And So until someone from ED gives me an update on the release dates this is what I'm holding them up to.
  3. Compared to the F-14 I find the animation of the other (pilot) crewmember to be severely lacking. I would like to see some improvement here. to equal the quality of Heatblur.
  4. That is a wee bit of an understatement.. the date on that pdf file is ‎Monday, ‎March ‎18, ‎2019 Would it be possible to add a version number or issue date to the current manual with all changes like you're posting in this thread? And a little nitpicking, wasn't looking for it.. really I wasn't .. hundreths - > hundredths, under Air-to-Air Weapons, HUD Symbology for Air-to-Air Missiles
  5. Wrong forum section I believe, should be under DCS Mods, just like the A-4C
  6. I too would like to express my sincere thanks for providing such a fun new mod for DCS. I am very impressed!
  7. Might wanna go shopping for multicrew code at Heatblur..
  8. And another patch goes by without multicrew.. Sigh... what's another year after a 7 year wait....
  9. I'm running a heavily edited TTI mission, so far only with up to 4 clients, but it seems to be holding up. /edit. Last night I hosted for about 8 ppl without any complaints.. seems like it works just fine
  10. Just wanted to share my server hardware with ya'll.. I like to tinker with new toys, a few months ago I ordered a Larkbox thru Indigogo.. https://www.chuwi.com/product/items/Chuwi-LarkBox.html https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chuwi-larkbox-world-s-smallest-4k-mini-pc/x/8008842#/ As you can see it's quite small.. I've got it hanging from it's USB-C type charger and it's connected to my router thru a USB 3.) to UTP connector. I control it over RDP. I never really expected it, but it seems to run the DCS server just fine. Starting the server takes a while, but when it's up it jus
  11. Well I hope they will be talking to Heatblur, and license their multicrew code... For me thatś the standard right now.
  12. a big LOL here.. ;-) Make it early fifties, and no impulse control.. On Topic again: I suggested to Nick a while back to have one of these 3rd party online stores for fans to purchase anything from t-shirt, coffee mugs and the likes. He replied that they were thinking about something like that, but I had the impression that it will not come to anything.
  13. Very nice guide, thanks. And now for a very bold request. ;-) Is it possible to create templates for complete SAM sites? So one can drop a complete SAM system into a mission? This is something that I really find lacking in the mission editor.
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