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  1. I too am getting the yellow flash bug. Quite unusable until it is fixed.
  2. As the thread says - opened some birds like the spit after last patch and suddenly a few of my cockpits have a strange fish eye effect which makes play impossible. Other cockpits are fine. Please help.
  3. Looks great. Curious if navigator will appear in the cockpit
  4. So I’m selecting point track before vvsl?
  5. A little help. I find Vvsl the most practical way of finding targets. But once I’ve designated I can’t switch to point track to track moving targets. What am I doing wrong?
  6. nick10

    Ground crew

    We have flight deck crew in super carrier - so ww2 ground crew. I want an “oik” to stand on my wing - yell “get a Jerry for me sir” salute then jump off.
  7. I’m going bonkers trying to track a moving target with my pod then setting as spi for mavs to slave to. try as a might left ctrl up simply will not lock. has something changed here that I have missed?
  8. Thanks chaps. Sounds like the thrustmaster warthog still hits that sweet spot for me for price and performance. I’ll keep my eyes out for bargains but sounds like it might take a while for the market to sort itself out.
  9. sorry - you do or don’t recommend warthog? I thought it was the benchmark
  10. Is the x56 really that bad? I have no hotas at all currently. there’s plenty of cheap warthogs on eBay too. Just not sure what to make of it all. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Thrustmaster-HOTAS-Warthog-A10C-Stick-Throttle-BRAND-NEW-NO-RESERVE/293800287516?hash=item4467dc9d1c:g:-RYAAOSwkmJfkbaL
  11. Hello I’m in the market for a better stick. I’ve never used eBay. Anyone here have much experience. There seem to be a few warthogs etc for around $500. Also x56s for about half what you would pay elsewhere. thanks in advance
  12. Hello I’m considering picking up the X56. Any thoughts? I’m at the point now where I want a HOTAS stick and throttle but I’m not about to stump up $1k for a warthog. what are users thoughts please?
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