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  1. I seem to recall somebody in a video noticing the same behavior with the 120 since the recent update and the Phoenix may be affected as well... I thought maybe it was due to a successful notch, but shouldn't a notched missile go stupid and fly straight? I've seen instances where it will be tracking fine, and then at the last second pull a hard 15G turn to pass well ahead of the target.
  2. Even in singleplayer I've had issues with tracks breaking on non-maneuvering, non-chaffing hot targets with a very gentle crank. Noticed as well that the active command doesn't seem to get sent on a broken, extrapolated track.
  3. Confirmed, flew it the other day and they aren't departing. Maybe there's some sort of trigger for them to takeoff that's been broken?
  4. This has been my experience with AI wingmen as well. I can get their position as a DL contact but I never see any of their radar targets displayed.
  5. Yeah, I've found the burble to be very brutal (especially since my HOTAS is partially broken and I don't have anything to bind the DLC rocker to so I'm flying power only). It seems like I need to precog the sink and add the exact amount of power before it even happens. Get it slightly wrong in that first preemptive power change and it's already too late; I either slam into the deck or float right over the wires no matter how much I jockey the power levers. But that said, I still assume it's mostly my own failing, and I would just never cut it as a naval aviator.
  6. Can confirm. Eventually he wakes up and realizes he needs to shut his trap, but most likely because he's wheezed himself to death making wise cracks about Star Wars.
  7. So, I was curious about the operation of the maneuver flaps. When I don't have the DLC/Maneuver Flaps bound to an axis, they seem to deploy automatically at high alpha. I presume this is an automatic ADC-driven function. After I've bound the axis, most of the time the maneuver flaps don't auto-deploy. Is the auto mode tied to a certain position or range of the control axis? And is there any decent way to tell where this position is while flying?
  8. Thanks for the heads-up, but I'm traumatized enough by my purchase as it is.
  9. Somehow I manage to make do in the Cat with the god-awful hand paddle of the T16000 HOTAS throttle as my rudder control, after the POT for the twist on the stick started going haywire a few months in (an almost guaranteed problem with this unit, it seems). Which is to say, I don't touch the rudder during AAR whatsoever and I do just fine. It's like the doctor says: "It hurts when you do that? Then don't do that!" - In other words, do whatever works for you and the limitations of your control scheme. If the rudders make it more difficult to AAR, don't use the rudders.
  10. I admit I really don't know how the Shift+6 menu with Jester is best handled to ensure you don't end up taking a missile because the wrong countermeasures got dispensed. It seems like half the time I'm engaging enemies at 30 miles and can't get Jester or myself to use chaff, or I eat a heat seeker in the face because I end up dispensing chaff instead of flares! Can anyone shed some light on how best to configure the countermeasures to avoid this? Thanks.
  11. Well, lookie what I found.
  12. Little bit of necro here but I figured it out at last - one of our DDG's did a 180 degree turn shortly after mission start, and rammed the Stennis, sinking it... that was the cause of the game over. :doh:
  13. Just a note, since I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, for scanning altitude/distance, your built-in kneeboard has a few graphs for just that purpose!
  14. They are in lbs/hr and are accurate as far as I know. Just remember there are two engines involved so you have to add the two gauges together for your total burn. Depending on your load and altitude, you can get decent amount of economy out of the Cat, as low as 5000lb/hr combined in my experience.
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