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  1. Ya, I live in Canada and Amazon.ca doesn't offer electronics yet. I can get my hands on a Logitech Freedom stick, I'll give that a bash, see if I like the feel. From what I've read, it doesn't seem to have the problems of the 3D. Medium to med high settings only? I wonder what rigs the Dev's are using to capture the videos?
  2. Hello all, I'll be investing in a copy of LoMac soon, and will have to get a joystick. There is very little to choose from, and I'm not that hard core that I need a HOTAS. Basically there are two models suitable to Flight Simming and readily available where I live, the Saitek Cyborg Evo and the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. I hate the feel of the Saitek. It has a strange socket that houses a plate which in turn presses up on a spring, and this is what centers the joystick. It's hard to overcome the initial movement of the stick, and then it moves easily, but the plate continues to scrape alo
  3. Thanks for the input. Glad you like the poll. MonkeyBoy.....hmmm...I like it. I might use that. Thanks. :)
  4. Gentleman, (and Ladies). The poll in no way actually effects the release date of 1.1. I just thought it would be interesting to ask a question that will help in clarrifying the thought process of the community. In essence the poll is really a "quality vs. quantity" issue. Quality being stability, and quantity being time. I am actually quite surprised at the results so far. The fact that the majority of us (so far) have voted for "When it's running silky smooth, even if it takes another 6 months", is not surprising. It shows that stability and a smoothly running game is top priority for most si
  5. I have no doubt it will be released when it's ready. That would be a good time for it's release. :wink: Still, it'll be interesting to see what people are thinking.
  6. Thought we'd see what LOMAC enthusiaists think about release dates. Have a vote :!:
  7. Interesting. Maybe one of the Devs's can clarrify for us. Also I have another question. If 1.1 is a new game, as stated in the Flaming Cliffs website, will ED continue to release patches and fixes for LoMAC? I mean small patches to download that will fix bugs with LoMAC after 1.02. If it will not be possible to get a copy of Flaming Cliffs in Canada, then at least I will buy LoMAC if I know it will be supported with patches and fixes into the future, without me having to download the 700MB Flaming Cliffs game.
  8. Hello, I'm new to this. Is Flaming Cliffs a completey new game. I noticed on the webpage it said it was. But it is also refferred to as 1.1. Which makes me think it's kind of an add-on/patch for Lock On:MAC. Question is, do I have to buy Modern Air Combat and then add Flaming Cliffs? or can I just start with Flaming Cliffs? Also, does anyone know if ED accepts Paypal? I assume that I will have to download this from Canada as the website only talks of a publishing company for within Russia. I don't really want to give my credit card details. Thanks.
  9. Looking at your screenshots, there is nothing there, graphics wise, that warrants a 7 FPS display rate. 7 FPS with that amount of detail and your PC with a clean ugraded ver of LoMac from 1.00 to 1.02 should deliver all the FPS you need. 7 FPS is not normal, despite what many LoMac users have come to accept as "normal". There is something wrong with the software. These problems need to be brought to the fore so that ED can get to the bottom of these issues, and improve the game, sell more copies, and make more money, provide us with improved sims and LoMac add on's well into the future.
  10. Thank you for your truly insightful response, and your opinion. In the free world, we are all entitled to an opinion. In the free market economy, the survival of a corporation depends on it's abilities to deliver what it's customers want, not what the corporation wants. LoMac has a lot of potential, that's why some people have the courage to bring the issues to the fore, to help improve the sim. Saying it's perfect, isn't going to make an improvement. I would like to see ED become successful, so that they can have the money and resources to improve the sim. Expanding sales to West will inc
  11. Starlight, doesn't look like you're going to get new AI any time soon. On the other hand, maybe the AI is real.....I mean maybe this is just the way they operate in Russia? The DEV's probably haven't responded because they don't understand what you're on about. You mean planes aren't supposed to crash into each other on take off? Personally I think the DEV's are interested in making this came appeal to the Russian market. They could have made a lot more money by including an F-18 as there new plane, instead of a SU-25. That way they would have a bigger budget, and more resources to improve
  12. Hmmm...Thanks for the info. Looks like there's useful stuff at BioHazard. I didn't know about it. Cheers.
  13. I know it ain't a huge deal. I'd prefer a stable game with efficient code above alll else. I just always notice those huge glaring nav lights. It just doesn't happen in the day. I don't think it will increase overhead, might decrease it since transparency is more intensive on CPU. I'd just like ED to experiment, and see if these small changes make things look better. But, I know they're busy campers right now.
  14. (I tried to email this to the ED team, but it got bounced, so this is the only way to communicate) Hello, I've been enthusiastically watching the progress of Lock On: Modern Air Combat, and Lock On : Flaming Cliffs. I have seen the video's and screenshots of Lock On : Flaming Cliffs, and am looking forward to it's release. I think you guys are doing very good work on the project. I have noticed a few inaccuracies in the screenshots of Modern Air Combat, and Flaming Cliffs. The physical modelling of the aircraft is excellent though, as are ground objects. The inaccuracies I have not
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