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  1. After 10 years on intel I went with ryzen (3900x) and i am happy with it. Wise choice.
  2. Good one M1combat :-) My 2 cents, whole ED should sit together and do some brainstorming and make a decision to make feature freeze one stable SP and MP "bug free" build with working missions and working modules. A build that we can play whole year without problem. Once a year make one version that we can play without problem as a present for xmass. And have an another branch like open beta that is improved consistently into another stable version released another xmass.
  3. I should get my reverb on monday, expect review.
  4. Rescue, i must agree, it would be great to have that button to voluntarily support ED. To have something like Patreon for ED.
  5. I must agree with firmek, 4k on 27 inches is a bad joke
  6. i have almost same system, win 10 are future proof, thats all. DX12 is only win 10 so decision is on you. I cannot compare performace. I think its same.
  7. I must say that the price is right and i expected higher price for f-18 just because of complexity. 60 dollars for what u get and time u ll spend in dcs is best price/performance ratio in all genres i know. Wags is right in all points and as someone said pmdg pricing is way above dcs modules while getting the same complexity. (Definitely f-18 is way more complex than B737) Real bad is for students or young simmers that are dependent on parents money. And btw prepurchased. PS. Still waiting for donate button to support ED
  8. Thank you ED, i am happy u r still in business.
  9. Yo Jester, its good to know that everything is ok :-)
  10. Jester, i saw your CPU temps and voltage, u should definitely lower it down, 88 is too much, CPU begins to throttle, your temps should be around 60-70. U will see after reinstall if everything is ok. MY advice, use stock clocks on your 7700k and then just overclock with the same default voltage. If its stable and fast enough with low temepratures, leave it that way. 88 C is too high for CPU.
  11. Jester i have a bad feeling that something is throttling in your computer. my opinion is to check your temps, MB , CPU or GPU and if everything is ok then make(ooops) full reinstall :-)
  12. There must be some problem in your nvidia settings application, make sure u dont have dsr enabled. U have a really good graphics card and processor is good enough for DCS to handle it with no problem at 4k.
  13. Hi, I have 4k too and no problems with fps. Maybe u should tell which varsion do you use, Normandy, 1.5. or 2.1 ?
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