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  1. Имеются ли примерные сроки, когда стоит ждать влияние облаков на ИИ?
  2. So, you would like to see something like Zeus from ArmA 3? An interesting idea.
  3. FC3 весь работает только на упрощенке, так что в любом случае придется искать решение, которое подходит и для нее. Хотя оба предложенных выше варианта не взаимоисключающие, наверное.
  4. It seems like this bug is once more active, at least for me. Everything is the same as the OP said in this old thread.
  5. I too hope for an Su-30MK2, if possible, since it's used by an array of other aor forces than Chinese, including Russia's, with Su-30M2 being essentialy MK2 for domestic use. With all due respect to China, it would be nice to have a more global plane... And I'm Russian, and there is no other opportunity for my country to have a modern jet in DCS right now. Anyways, MKK would still be awesome.
  6. Problem: AI uses afterburner too much, even when totally unnecessary, i.e. when they take off and form on flight lead 5 km away flying almost at stall speed so that wingman knows he doesn't have to rush. It leads to extremely large fuel consumption which sometimes even causes wingmen who have burnt all their fuel to eject. Proposed solution: give flight lead an option to restrict usage of afterburners by wingmen. Since we have such an option for mission designers, I don't think it should be too hard. And since it's player who would make the decision, devs wouldn't need to write co
  7. Nipil


    It would be nice too, but it seems that ED has delegated this to 3rd party devs. And they are not too much eager to go this way either, though there are some goos developments. BTW, this is yet another topic that would be brought up over and over again on DCS forums for years to come :)
  8. Nipil


    Time and time again, people ask for modern Russian stuff, at least FC3. Time and time again they are told that ED won't do this. This cycle will keep running forever, until either DCS dies or year 2040 comes and ED manages to do Su-27SM or other fighter which would have been retired 15 years ago by then.
  9. У этого проекта есть перспектива стать официальным модулем, или ЕД не рассматривает такой вариант?
  10. Nipil


    TBH, I don't believe that DCS devs would like to stretch their limited resources even further to go and play on the field of another well-established Russian WW2 air combat simulator, called after a certain attacker plane. They would have big problems competing with this another simulator in a Great Patriotic War niche. And they already are heavily invested into NW Europe and the Pacific. P.s. But if they do make it, it would be magnificent.
  11. Nipil

    DCS MiG-29A

    Firstly, we have Mirage 2000C and F-14A from the same era, so there is already a small, but still adequate roaster for 80's scenarios on the blue side, MiG-29A wouldn't have to fight itself, as Hornets do on the 2000s servers. Opponents are already there. Though having early Falcon would sure be great, it's not really indespensable. Secondly, though it's offtop, people complaining about modern combat being boring are right... Assuming that you have to fight 80s planes while piloting 2000s ones. Than it's of course a turkey shot. But when you and your opponents have comparable capab
  12. The first thing a dev needs is license. Or else he is going to run into legal problems, concerning both commercial and military secrets. One ED employee tried to smuggle some docs out of US and spent a year in custody a couple of years ago. Nobody wants to share this kind of experience. So unless you know the guys who can persuade right people to permit such a module, those docs are, sadly, of no use and are even dangerous to possess.
  13. It was stated in 2020 in some of the interviews with ED devs that they will not do Tonka. Probably there are secrecy issues. Maybe a 3rd party would make it one day, though I doubt it will happen any time soon.
  14. It would sure be the most exciting news if it was Su-17/20/22 in that teaser. But many in the aforementioned thread argue that it isn't. So "don't put your hopes up too high"©. Let's wait and see.
  15. Вот модернизации как раз 100% в ближайшие лет 20 не будет. Изначальный вариант выглядит правдоподобнее, но в него тоже не особо верится, особенно на фоне того, что нам тут даже новый функционал для Ка-50 из-за изменений в законодательстве сделать не могут.
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