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  1. Well you were absolutely spot on Flappie. I've traced the problem to a faulty SATA cable. Now getting R/W speeds where they should be. DCS loading quickly and so far no crashes. I'm sorry to have wasted your time with my problem, but I'm very grateful to you for helping me resolve the issue. All the best KB
  2. Thank you very much @Flappie for taking the time to help me with this. I really appreciate it. I tried to load a training mission for the F18 based in Cacasus. Here are some screen shots. You'll see on the bottom right hand corner that the load started about 2:58, it finally crashed at about 3:13. The crash log is nearly 9MB. I took 4 screen shots to show various time points. Hopefully these help you understand what's happening with my system. Cheers KB
  3. Thanks for your reply @Flappie Here's the output from that command. Doesn't mean much to me I'm afraid. AllocatedBaseSize=4864 CurrentUsage=41 Description=C:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20200513115041.546910+720 Name=C:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=330 Status= TempPageFile=FALSE AllocatedBaseSize=16384 CurrentUsage=18 Description=E:\pagefile.sys InstallDate=20201229145215.340949+780 Name=E:\pagefile.sys PeakUsage=310 Status= TempPageFile=FALSE
  4. Hi. Since the last couple of updates I've been getting very long hangs with the loading sequence, and regular crashes since the latest open beta update. My problems with long (in excess of 30 mins) load times seemed to start around the time I migrated my DCS installation to a new SSD. The load process hangs around the "Terrain Init : 1" part. My SSD is running at 100% but nothing is being read Since the latest update things have gotten worse. Load times still regularly hang although I no longer wait that long. I'll close down DCS in the task manager and try again,
  5. Have a look in the DLC campaigns sub forum. Most third party campaign devs have indicated that they will be updated in due course.
  6. Have a look at this thread, which hopefully might be of some assistance. http://www.476vfightergroup.com/showthread.php?5893-Setting-up-a-Buttkicker-(or-other-transducers) I've set up my software pretty much as explained and it seems to be working fine. I'm not using SRS so I can't test that at this time. Cheers KB
  7. Any update on this? I’m having the same problem. The new textures look great by the way.
  8. Hmmm. Thanks for that. I’m running two shakers in a fore and aft configuration. One under my seat and one up front under the pedals. I’ll certainly look into that. I’d do however get really good results with SSW in IL2 and with a straight sound signal from YouTube. It’s worth exploring however. Cheers
  9. Thanks Andre. Yes the software volume is at 100%. Not sure where to go from here. I'll keep thinking about it. Maybe I need to amplify each of the sound files?
  10. Yes I am using a separate sound card. It's the sound out of my graphics card. My main audio is from the motherboard.
  11. Hi Bob1943. I'm using an old home theatre amp which is 100w/channel. I'm using the L & R outputs. I know it's not ideal, but it's what I've got. Cheers KB
  12. Hopefully this is the screenshot you need for Simshaker wings. I really went through my setup this morning as the problem felt like the volume was being attenuated somewhere. The test.wav effect could be felt but was very weak. I uncovered multiple hardware issues on my end to do with the signal processing in the amp I'm using. Once I set those all back to normal I thought surely I've found the answer. But no. The problem is the same but only with the Simshaker Sound Module. As an aside. Simshaker Wings is now so powerful I've had to turn down my amp. So good result in that respe
  13. Thanks Andre. Here's a screenshot of the two pieces of software. The Nvidia audio is being used to drive the amp driving the shakers.
  14. Thanks overalien. I don't think that's the issue. The frequency of the test file is 20hz I believe, which is noticeable for me with my setup. I'm getting good results with other software and even with the test.wav file played externally. There seems to be something else going on here.
  15. Hi Andre. Thanks for the support that you provide via this forum. I have tried setting up the simshaker sound module to test it, but I'm not having much luck. The test effects are barely noticeable. I'm running 2 Aurasound bass shakers. I know that the transducers work because I get great effects with the Simshaker Wings software in IL2. I also get good effects using Simhub in racing sims. However when I use the Test tab of the simshaker sound module with the volume set at 100% I can barely feel any vibration. It's the same with the Simshaker for Aviators test function on the
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