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  1. Hi all, Newbie to DCE, managed to get everything installed ok but getting this error, could someone give some insight into how to fix?
  2. @draconus Yeah fully up. It's the jet i have the most hours in DCS so I noticed the difference when it happens/
  3. @3WA@draconus If you see the lights on this post in VR, the differences are evident. Can't get any of the red to show at day which is the reason to believe that maybe i screwed up settings somewhre @3WA@draconus If you see the lights on this post in VR, the differences are evident. Can't get any of the red to show at day which is the reason to believe that maybe i screwed up settings somewhre
  4. Thanks fellas, the one thing I think is weird is that the HUD brightness is up all the way. Seems like this is normal anyway, might be worth noting that I am using VR. Wonder if anything there may help
  5. @3WA Hey man thanks for writing back to me. I will try the DCS Settings for sure. Been flying the cat for a few years now and it seems to be a newer issue for me with all my planes. Awful ground lighting and cockpit lighting. No idea why, it is insanely frustrating. One of my favourite things in the 18 used to be cranking up those beautiful green lights all the way and they just look so washed out now. How does the resolution work? That's not something I have ever played with or know anything about. Be keen to hear about that
  6. Hey @draconus These are all with full lights on, can't even see the HUD in some cases RTX 3070 16GB Corsair RAM AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  7. Well I managed to make it through the mission, but ended up running out of fuel before i could make the plug. I have to commend you and team on what is a seriously great campaign. My only feedback would have been to change up the SIDs and STARs somewhat to make the flying a little more diverse. Anymore nice campaigns on the horizon?
  8. I just found it rather hilarious haha, will update tho to see if this helps/.
  9. Has anyone else noticed this dead soldier at the list mission on Z5?
  10. Hey @draconus How do I do the GFX setting?
  11. Hey Sedlo, Happy to connect here if you want to ping me?
  12. HI all, Hope this is the right place to post, can't see an english sub forum for support. All the lights in game are extremely washed out and sometimes redundant. An example would be the night mission in the F16 Red Flag, the vegas city lights are almost non existent. Changing the gamma doesn't work either, this affects cockpit lighting too. It works great at night but dusk or dawn it just is very weak. Any ideas or tweaks to code i could do?
  13. Hi all, Like most of us, I am a lover of Voice Over Campaigns for immersion. Is there anyway that campaign makers can putout request for voiceovers for people in the community to make them more realistic? Unfortunately I have a very deep dublin accent so not sure how that would work out but I would be more than happy to participate if there was a place to do this given the scripts. I hold a Frozen ATPL MEIR so have the radio telephony down for CA & GA just not Military. Is this achievable or just a terrible idea?
  14. hey @Glyn Any updates on the SOH campaign? Is there anyway of using the SC on the SH2 campaign?
  15. Hey @baltic_dragon Thanks a lot, another thing Im coming against is im not getting the approach warnings and then just being shot down. I am on channels 1 & 2 respectively but on the kneeboard it says guard is on channel 3 & strike is on channel 2? When looking at others doing this mission it says to be on channel 1&2. I am doing 1&2 and hearing everything except the comms from approach warning. Then i get the if you did not hear the comms please wait, and then i end up getting blown up haha. Any ideas?
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