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  1. EricJ

    Super Bug....

    I wouldn't mind either but it's the matter of trying to keep them carrier capable but overall doesn't seem like it may happen..
  2. The easy part is lining up the weapon, the hard part is lining up the refuelling basket. Get wth Yeniceri on getting the refuelling points, as I believe either he's just modelling it in the exact spot, or may have figured it out, as moving the ladder and probe would be a waste of time and consume alot of it.
  3. Alot of things would brah, but there's other things like the animation in the cockpit view, etc. etc. i.e. more support but then again, you'd have to probably just make it very unrealistic, and try and "flip" the probe. But if you had the arguments... yeah it'd make it easier as you wouldn't have to remodel things.
  4. You'd have to figure out the argument (I would assume) for the refuelling probe, because it "lines" up with the basket in the sim.
  5. Well judging from the screenies so far it will ;)
  6. { value = 0.1; material = {"gvd_panel", "standart", "gvd_panell.bmp"}; material = {"knt_panel", "standart", "knt_panel.bmp"}; } What you can try to do is change the 0.1 to 0.2 in the .skins file if it's setup correctly. If not as per what Yeniceri said... then it may not work. Usually the .lom file should generically allow you to do it. That's how I understand it anyways..
  7. Subdue the insignias and stuff on the green one and it'd look righteous... :thumbup:
  8. Yeah... but the one I sent him was like 150K polys.... and this one has been chopped down, but not as jacked up as a previous version, so if interested, I can send it over sometime.
  9. I got a 27K version of the Super Hornet available, and let MadMaxter know anyways... least when the transition happens... but that looks great :thumbup:
  10. Still after all these years still has the beauty :)
  11. Good points but consider the fact that us and the beta testers know or have a real good idea on the direction of the simulation, you don't. Is there anything wrong with immersion and ground crew? No of course not, but you're all wishing for something that wasn't planned, or isn't being implemented, and basically and seriously, stop wasting your time on something that may never happen. Honestly it's kinda funny watching how topics get out of control with speculation and this and that. And it's the beta team and partners that try and correct you, but you all sometimes just don't listen and r
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